Note: I haven't learned the lingo of the board yet so forgive me in advance.

Had a date Saturday night. Had a great time and I knew going into it t wouldn't lead to a hook up. Dropped her off at midnight and a buddy texts me.

He said to get to the bar it's filled with women. I go and immediately start talking to a hot blonde. After just briefly reading this forum I tried the "don't buy her a drink" approach. Worked! She left the bar and then I found another hot chick that who's parents I know. I was slamming beers quickly so I'm not even sure where that one trailed off to.

Anyway, later on the blonde comes back to the bar and approaches me this time. She's all up on me in the bar, making out, and even had her hand down my pants in the middle of the bar. This goes on for a while then we leave and take it to my place. Score.

I made it clear the next day that I enjoy the single life and I'm not looking for anything serious. Here's where it gets good. She's cool with that. For now.....we all know how these things go.

Now the question is should I Facebook friend request the young 22 yr old who's parents I know. Don't want to look like a creeper....