Alright guys I went out for the 2nd time this week to a few bars and promised a field report. Well the night started pretty slow as there was a theme at the first bar we went to so there were tons of girls dressed as pin ups.

Well after a little while I start talking to this set of two girls while we are waiting for a drink. Opened the set and started showing dhv, Played the cube game and they laughed. Now after a bit of fun with them I see my friend who was waiving at me to come over and I make a mistake of not N close the girls. I was just being a little b!tch. Won't let that happen again.

Anyways I head over back to my friend which now hes talking to a girl that he recently took out. Now she had brought her roommate and I start trying to game her. Im kinda tipsy at this point but I can tell right away this girl is totally not interested, She would look else where when I was talking and such. Now I don't know yet what to do in a situation like this so I just start ignoring her and start talking with my friend and the girl hes dating. After a few minutes the girls want to go to another bar down the street so we head down there.

Now right when we get there me and my friend order a beer and sit down while because the girls are saying Hi to everyone they know and we dont want to look Beta and follow them around. This is where I see a girl talking to some Beta. She just looks bored and is texting while he is talking. So I tell my friend to move next to this set and I situation open her and him. Right away she completely turns her whole body my way and completely ignore him lol. I even ask if they are dating and she replys that no they are just friends. anyways so I game the girl, Start kino and finally the say they are closing the bar and my buddy wants to leave so I N close.

Over All It was a good night but it was interesting to see the the resistance from the roommate, I also cant miss opportunities like I did with the first set. So got some stuff for next weekend to work on. This week Gotta focus on School and working out and such. Leave me comments guys and Hope you guys had a great weekend =).