Hey guys,

So this is my first time going out to a bar in Canada to game, and with me I had a guy friend and his chick friend. I'm currently reading The Game, and one of the things that was mentioned was peacocking. So I wore this extremely flashy shirt ( giant neon skull with Amsterdam underneath it, good way to get into stories of my eurotravels). Walking into the bar, there were so many guys with shit that screams look at me that it almost stood out to not wear something crazy.

I did some dancing with and without my friends on the floor, smiling the entire time looking like I was having fun, but obviously that isnt enough. I need to publicly dhv is some way. Problem is I didn't know how to do it by myself. These three guys did it by one yelling he has two legs free then his buds grinded on them, the girls all laughed and pointed, then basically the guys got swarmed. Leaving me being a AFC among a bunch of other guys.

I tried to open a set of 5 older women (28), opening check, but went downhill from there. Another girl (in a group of 7) I asked to dance (approached from the 8 oclock position), turned around, said no thanks im good.

Big things I need to work on:

-Get comfortable with the bar scene
-Demonstrating DHV
-Making a fuckload more approaches (should of had more to drink lol)