Hello fellow puas and trolls

It's 4:27am and im posting what has to be one of the most awkward and yet positive nights out!

I've been quiet lately with the field reports so I'm gonna post this one now! I've been experimenting with high energy day game which may I say is much easier and much more interesting than the bar/club scene!

Ever ask the question - what the fuck did I do that for?

I started my night out with my AFC buddy who has no social intuition and cranks his neck so hard looking at all the women that it's embarressing! We headed straight to our favourite free place the cellar where there were literally a 3:1 ration of cocks to hippos and they were literally animal creatures. It was scary stuff!

So we moved onto caprise our favourite slutty club! Which may I say was packed with tonnes of asian chicks who think they are 10's - those from vancity probably get what I mean!

Social proofing was seriously hard tonight - two guys dancing or barely, makes it difficult to open sets and we wanted to open without doing the guy grinding up on you creep move that every single AFC was playing in caprice.

The first set was 3 broads right by the dj booth and they were indeed fun - one blonde 9, one big juged korean 9 and one hippo haha. They were the envy of the dj booth and they were twerking up on each other real good! We came in set causally just doing our little dance together and suddenly my boy is getting grinded by the blonde 9. Great I thought so being a good wing I decided to distract the two others by joining their dance together. That also meant stopping the hippo cock block and engaging in a weird marshmallow sandwich - me in the middle of Korean 9 and hippo! (You gotta take one for the team sometimes!)
I suddenly realized how f...ing hot the Korean is and start dancing with her an she starts grinding like a mofo. Now I use a little disqualifer neg (you guys can use it for future) - it's a pat on her nose whilst saying naughty! Typically use this on hotter women - the idea that you are not that interested causes them to come after you! Anyway the Korean suddenly like becomes a bit shy to the dancing I think because she was probably more of a NiCE girl and actually genuinely invested!
So I see her start reengaging the hippo and making out with the hippo which has all the afcs like somewhat shocked/look of disgust/somewhat hot..... I didn't really know how to handle it!
Anyway I reengage the Korean by putting my hands out for a dance and twirling her! Twirls are a go to! But must be used sensibly! I land her directly in a very sexual position my hand on her hips and suddenly we begin a Latino grind into full on twerking. Whist this is happening my bud is pretty much grinding to orgasm
I'm grabbing her put and pulling holding on her belt as she grinds the shit out of me! I don't typically get hard but I suddenly was getting there haha. Anyhow big hippo wanted to go to the ladies room and she grabs her two girls and makes for there! Of course we ain't coming there - my boy looks at me and shrugs his shoulders.

NEXT SET - we move around the club were its just hard to open anything - any approach can come of creepy and it's a loud club (I thrive of conversation) we head through a passage way to the sister club called led! It's full of babes 9s every where and 10s. But of course there are always the token half cast guys who are smooth fucking criminals and can't dance the shit out of the place and sted Heads! Two white guys who can barely dance against the world it seemed like! Now I go with my buddy up to bar and get a couple of non alcoholic drinks - I'm sober and he's not - and the finest girls are two black hair just perfect boobs 10s are in very close proximity to us due to 7-8 sted head guys each trying to pull them. Now I've got my face turned towards the bar, back towards them and just not having any of it - my boy side on gawking at them! My state at this point wasn't what I would have liked it to be! Suddenly my mate is tapping me on the shoulder saying that the hottest one is IOIing me because I'm not looking at her (I also recommend pushing your posture up making you seem very content and non aggressive/sure of yourself). Now I'm at a sticking point here, i turn slightly and keep seeing guy after guy just getting blown off and I know even though I've been given ioi's (attention seeking behaviour, trying to get my eye contact etc) but must be different from every sted AFC. Instead I walk off choosing not to engage and get right to the dance floor! We see these two broads hb 8s with nice bootys dancing on top of the tables and start dancing near them! Now they were blowing guys off all over the place but I wanted to conquer and reach the position of the table dancer hahaha. I started off with a nice tease saying that I could twerk better than them and I have a bigger better booty. They laughed and I just strutted it like a kings arse! She then asks me to come up and I conquer my mission of getting on the table. So I grind them and just act so calmly on the table! And my boy gets up, he ruins the set by becoming Percy the permission pig who follows the orders of one of girls who tells him to get off the table and grind me. I'm like "what a fucking idiot" and the set just died!
I recommend going back into caprice and I'm so focused on moving back into there that I see the hb 10 perfect boobs hottest girl of the night, sitting down, give me the look and for a split few seconds she's looking directly at me. I flake and look to the side disinterestedly and couldn't help but think - you fucking idiot strong eye contact is amazing kino.

Pissed off I go straight into caprice again and see Korean hottie and I'm high energy - I'm straight up pointing at her, direct line walk to her pushing guys out the way and start a forward grind by very raunchily pushing her towards the dj booth. We start getting physical and I go to lift her up not realizing that there was a ledge just above her! Now what happens next is EMBARRASSING!!! There will be a time when you puas out there will do something as stupid as what I did! Sometimes unexpected incidents happen and you must not allow it to effect your game!
I lifted her up so fast she smacks her head like really hard and I'm in shock - she's hurt herself and I'm extremely apologetic. Something that was meant to be a powerful kino tool went haha horribly wrong! Remember I was going in High state! High energy! She was ok up that ended up any chances of getting her home!

We went back to the cellar, me just flustered from the terrible hit that had happened! And meet the two best looking girls in the club a vancouver punjab 8, hot girl with Hooters! (I don't normally like them) and a Iranian blonde hair girl who's face looked like Kim kardesian but who's body was rather disappointing! Although I didn't see it until we walked outside! We opened set with my favourite 2on2 game called the dance off. You loudly challenge the couple of girls to a dance off, where one of the girls dances in the middle, then you, then the other girl and then your wing. It's a great way to open repour and build comfort and it's FUN! The Iranian was hotter face so I engaged talk with her and we all went outside for some air! I suddenly realized that this girl had the face of a 9 but the body of a 5/6!!! We engaged in some continuous conversation and I looked over at the Punjab who suddenly was way more attractive because she had an amazing body! I decided to big my friend up who was on a Bollywood set and he listed of a bunch of Bollywood guys who the punjabi girl loved, that he had been working for! She then ioied him by saying (well maybe I should get your signature, wanna sign my boobs!!) he being AFC just really didn't follow through. He should of motorboated them haha. We head back inside and we are dancing but my friend is just not feeling it and I go over to him to try and reconcile what's happening. At this point the girls are getting disinterested - the energy has now become weak and my friend is just being an idiot! They say goodbyes and leave and I'm just being AFC for the night!

We head back into LED and caprice which is now dead but LED has way more people in it. No sign of the 10 though! I see a girl whom I had eyes for and I steal her from her friends and go direct opener. I said that I wanted to say hello from across the room and ioied her with direct eye contact, saying she had a real artistic vibe (took that from Justin Wayne, check out his YouTube channel) She's now just feeling down my pec super close IOIing me and asking me where I'm from, leaning in and I'm just rock solid not leaning in and answering her q's. She drags me to the opposite side of the club but Her breath is like smelling weird and I'm like should I really pull her, but she's a 8/9 with a skinny ass waist and double d's (you'll probably notice that I'm more inclined to big racks) now I grab her hair and play with it and make out. She stops and I was like that was a shitty kiss, it was ok but I wanted to neg her. She kisses me again and then her friend comes over. She quickly intros me to her friend who asks my name and was being generally quite nice and the girl I just made out with goes and starts grinding a guy who's a pretty boy/action man! I'm like oh fuck she just used me as a pawn to jealously plot and get her target. I just got played at my own game!

What I learned though was that even on a shitty night where your state has been ruined by an very awkward situation and your motivation is down, you must push through and keep positive! I think I've learned more about game tonight that before because of the constant evolution/adaptation I had to make to bad or annoying situations!

Sorry if there's any spelling mistakes, I'm tired and it's 5.55am - what I'd love is your feedback on the HB 10, on how to open a girl who's been overly opened and is sitting down. I'd also love your feedback on anything else, comments, suggestions etc.

Remember that there is no such thing as failure, only feedback!!!