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    Default Field Report 2 - Successful (I think)?

    I frequent a bar near my house every friday with my newly minted wing. I've been going to this bar all summer long but it wasn't until recently I've started using some techniques on the HB7 bar tender. I've been developing great rapport with her over the past couple weeks. Last night was the best night so far.

    Got there around 10:30 and she was working like usual. She started with getting us our drinks and made just some small talk because it was busy. When she brought me my beer she spilled some, so I negged her. Last week she spilled someones drinks all over the bar so I figured this would be the perfect time. I just used a simple "What, you spilled again?" and she smiled and blushed.

    Then the night progressed and it started to slow down a bit. Now she was coming by and talking to me and my friend a little more. A lot of Fluff talk to pass some time. I used this opportunity to practice my casual fluff talk and it worked great. Had her in great conversation, I found out a lot about the shows she likes and things that she likes in general. She stated that she goes out to some bars in a nearby town that I know pretty well. So I used this to my advantage when the night was coming to an end.

    We were the last two in the bar, it was about 12:45 and she was bringing me the bill while still talking. I then asked her what she was doing tonight (saturday night).

    Me: What are you doing tomorrow night? We were thinking about heading out *to that nearby town* and going to a few bars (bars we had talked about)
    HB: I having a cooking class with my mom and sister in the city (laughing as shes saying this) but I'll be back by 11.
    Me: Alright well you and a few of your friends should meet us out there.
    HB: That sounds good, why don't you give me your number?

    NOW*** I know this was a very, very AFCish thing for me to do (giver her my number) and I just couldn't come up with anything to turn it around and get her to give me her number instead.

    But I remain optimistic based on that fact that I had her laughing all night and that she seemed like she was really interested in going out to the bars. I guess we'll find out tonight.

    Let me know what you guys think and how I should approach tonight if/when she texts me. This is going to be a group situation so that should take the stress off.


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    Default Re: Field Report 2 - Successful (I think)?

    You did well, but there are a few things you can do to improve.

    When she said, "Give me your number", you could have easily said, "Cool, let's exchange numbers."
    Hand her your phone and say, "Go ahead and put your number in my phone and then press send. Make sure to put my name in your contacts so that you'll know who I am when I text you tomorrow."

    As far as texting goes, it should mostly be used for a bridge to see her again. Proper gaming should have been done in person. In person you want to make sure that she knows that you want to see her again. Set it up in person so that when you text her for the first time, it will always work to ask her, "What are you doing tonight?"

    Lastly, when you meet up with her and her friends, make sure to Isolate her. If you don't isolate her, it's going to be difficult to escalate and she won't have a chance to get turned on and to have her attraction for you solidified.

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