Okay so here is my first report for the new account as mackdaddyjack is no longer. As an expert I was again out owning my targets in fact I feel kinda sorry for them. When I first started I was always coming from a place of low value and rather approval seeking. But tonight? Strait owning.

1st Set
"Hey I'll talk to you later."
HB7 "Really?"
"I don't get started till 11 girl."
Later tried to mini-bounce her but failed due to lack of rapport.

2nd Set
"You know who you remind me of?"
HB10 "Who?"
"A crazy sexy elf."
Target "Huh huh huh that's a good one haven't heard it before."
"It's my own stuff I came up with it."
"What's the relationship here?"
Target "oh that's my BF of 3 years and that's my sister."
"Okay sorry to intrude."

3rd Set
"Okay I am going to throw down a challenge."
HB6 "what?"
"Test me."
Target "No thanks."

So as you can see I was just owning. With that 10 it would have been so on if not for the c!ckblocking BF. As you can see I was just plain bored as it was an off night with not a lot of targets. I had to hit 3 spots to do just those sets alone and just not feeling it. Not due to aa mind you but the girls just weren't doing it for me tonight to really get me going.

Wanted to go out and see if I still had it. That first set would not stop staring at me geez. So now my affirmations are true Summer is the king pin of girls. Literally did 9 sets in the Club one night this past Summer and tonight nowhere near close. So again you see I am not going to do Night Game again till next Summer and here was the perfect example of why I wait cuz more targets go out prowling during the Summer.

So as I prepare for it I am in Phase 1 like I said and just bought my first iPhone. Now tracking my approaches with PUA Kit app. Also using puatracker.com to track my day game targets such as Aubrey the new Buckle girl. My Test Me opener was my best line and even though I used it on a target I was completely aloof to I am still disappointed it fell flat. So I will tweak it and likely run it on Aubrey and say something like "I am going to test you, what's your favorite day of the week?" I will do this to field test since it seems like a good piece of material.

On that note my Outer Game is really boosting my confidence sporting my new Live Free Society shirt and the LUGZ got a 1 inch sole to make me about 6'4 now. Now at 175lbs weigh in this week finally as I am on month 8 of the Gym and working out for the last 5 to gain 2 lbs since I am a hard gainer and gain 15lbs quick in like 3 months but hit a plateau. I will keep you guys updated on Aubrey as Night Game is just to easy right now and Day Game is roughing me up. Some guy called me a "boss" tonight so things are looking up just need to find hotter older girls. Oh snap looks like Day Game is where it's at and can't wait till Summer. Like I said not just me the girls just ain't there in the colder months so it's good for me to wait till then to go out again and just work on my Outer Game in the meantime.

As you can see with Set #1 I negged her hard on the open due to lack of interest and she was still showing strong IOI's on open # 2 after 11 just couldn't mini-bounce because she lost interest which is fine cuz it was a way to qualify her. Now on Set #2 she was a little more challenging and being a 10 didn't have much personality. If BF wasn't there it would have been hard to keep her engaged as she was totally repeating what I said. This again shows us guys we are in fact in control until they shift over to becoming engaged. Now I am really excited to get Dark Souls 2 coming out as these girls just ain't coming out unless Summer is here. Believe next Summer is going to be a break away year for me likely with an F-close on a 8-10. Again like I say the 6-7's just despise me but the 8-10's dig the crap out of me. As you see the 10 showed the most interest which is weird cuz the BF was right there. I dhv'd by ejecting immediately cuz sticking around felt Beta and loser status.