Me and a friend, I hadn't hung out with in a while, decided to go out for drinks and catch up. We made plans to hit up a local bar, play pool, and possibly engage in some debauchery. A coworker of his, whom he is really close to, decides to tag along. I introduce myself and she was very standoff, stuck up and bitchy. I ignored her mood and chalked it up to bf or daddy issues, not my problem. We decide to start the night off at a karaoke bar to people watch and critique the performances.
We arrive at the karaoke bar and the place is dead, maybe four people total including us. We don't let it deter us, grab some drinks and continue our night. After about 15 minutes ole girl starts complaining about boredom, going on about why he dragged her out blah, blah, blah. I take this opportunity to sell her on the night. This was on the fly with no intentions of attracting her whatso ever, I assumed they had something for each other and this was an ice breaking chance for their benefit.
She was a solid HB7, 8+ if she hadn't had a lil chunk and less of an attitude. Im positive she was giving both of us sh1t test as she was very distant whilst we tried to convince her we were just out to catch up and have a good time. Im not sure whether or not he promised her some type of epic night or whatever, but regardless I didn't want her attitude to screw up my game later in the night in the event I ran into the opportunity. Her sly remarks, turnt up nose, and rolling of the eyes really began to run its course, especially after having a few drinks.
Soon I started being cocky funny, and began negging her, this was taken from something I read in a body language book, the idea was to basically mirror the person to reflect their mood, Im sure the book meant in a sense to relate, but at this point I just wanted her to have a taste of her own medicine.
I started making sly remarks, poking fun at her choice of attire, push-pulling right after an insult, comparing her to obviously less attractive women saying she could learn from them, you know classic Negs thrown from the hip. After several hours of this, and many drinks later, we head out and stop at a convenient store on our way to an after hours spot, somehow we end up in the same isle and she makes a remark to me saying "I hope you dont think that cocky asshole attitude helps your chances at getting laid. It's lame and childish grow up."
Ok, at this point I don't know whether to take this as a challenge or completely take offense at this attempt to bring me down, my first thought was to go off on her but the alpha in me told me to keep cool and take her for the ride.
Now that I have been called out in my opinion my confidence goes through the roof, my thought is its just us three in the middle of the week, what else I have to lose? I started heavily flirting, negging, push-pull, ect. I mean I knew this was some sort of sh1t test but I wasn't going to let her have the last laugh, I was compelled.
So, sometime during all of this back and forth a conversation about happy endings found its way into the mix, my friend and I began our reminiscing of our days overseas and the crazy stuff we got into, I take it she sought validation because she jumped in the conversation like she could relate, then went into a random tangent about happy endings being useless to women because they need more than that to be satisfied. Being sick of her crap as I was, I say to her very sternly "hey, you let the men talk for a minute and maybe later you'll get a chance to see whether or not that's true." I'm not usually rude, not sure if this was a product of alcohol, but it yielded some reaction because her only response was, "yea, we'll see." As we are shutting it down and heading back to the hotel, shes says to me "I'm going to hold you to your promise", Im thinking nothing of it besides the fact that she complained all night. We say our goodbyes, and head our separate ways.
Not long after arriving to my room I get a knock from the HB7 and she burst through the door as Im opening it, in a pair of sweats and a t-shirt eating a hot pocket. She plops down on my bed, lays down on her belly and says, "I want what you promised me", confused, I ask what are you talking about? Well apparently I promised her a massage, plus the happy ending and she was there to collect. I was hesitant, but of course I climbed on top and proceeded to massage her with the most passionate, drunkest, body rub I could muster, then I insisted this and that article be removed for a more pleasurable experience and she concurred. We all know what followed, unless anyone needs me to go into detail.

This situation for me was random, like 0-60 in very little time, I would like to point out the use of technique was pretty much hip pocket with very lil intention at all. This proves to me the usage and practice can pay off big time, I could've responded adversely to the sh1t test, I could've backed down, but it's the things I've learned in the community and in passing that enabled this outcome in my opinion. I wouldn't take any of it back, these are the types of interactions that turn us into alpha males. Give me your thoughts fellas.