I moved to Las Vegas when I was 23 to learn game. I was a virgin at the time and had no idea what I was doing. I wanted to share this story with any virgins out there to help them on their journey.

I went to the college UNLV campus in Las Vegas with my wing during the a week day when class was in session. I opened a girl with a cheetah print backpack by saying I liked her backpack. She thanked me. I stopped and asked where she was from. She said Pahrump. My wing made a joke or two about Pahrump and talked about the chicken ranch which is a brothel in Pahrump. Then, her friend (my target) came up to meet her. They both grew up together and were going to their next class. I introduced myself to my target and said almost nothing to build attraction. Then, my wing told me and my target to take a picture, so we stood and smiled for the first picture and the second picture, he told us to point and look up in the sky like we just saw something crazy. Then, my wing told his target and my target that we were having a party in a few days and they should come. He got his girl's phone number then instructed me to get my target's phone number. The girls went to class.

Note: We didn't have a party planned, but he needed a reason to get the number, so he made up the party idea on the spot.

My friend and mentor texted my target a bunch of breaks in rapport to make her interested in me over the next few days. He texted for her and her friend to come over the next day.

The whole next day, my wing and mentor walked me through what I needed to do to sleep with her. They told me to be fun at first, ask her questions about her life, then tell her things about me, then bring her into the room. I was nervous, trying to go over with them all of the situations that could happen since I had never been with a girl before.

My target came over with her friend the next day. They asked what happened to the party. My wing and I said they came too late, the party had ended a while ago. The girls shrugged. We poured drinks and lit a hookah and went outside by the pool. My target and I talked for a while. I can't remember about what anymore. We talked for at least an hour. My wing told his girl he needed to show her something in his room and led her there. Now it was just me and my target out by the pool. I can't remember whether I first kissed her by the pool or in my room. It makes more sense by the pool, but i can't remember the story. I know, I felt a lot of pressure taking her to my room, since I had never slept with a girl before and I thought she would freak out on me for trying to sleep with her.

I mustered up my courage and told her I wanted to show her something, and brought her into my room. I closed the door. She asked what I wanted to show her. I told her we weren't friends on Facebook yet. We went onto Facebook and friended each other. Then, I asked what music she liked and started playing it on Pandora from my lap top. We started making out. We probably made out for at least 30 minutes on the bed with me on top. Then, i tried to undo her bra with my hand, but i had never undone a bra before. It wasn't a simple clasp either, which made it even harder. After a few minutes of being unsuccessful. I told her "Take off your bra." She freaked out and said she was confused, and got up and left the room. Shortly after she drove home.

I told my mentor and wing and a few girls that were friends about the set. They told me that I couldn't ever tell a girl to remove clothing, that I just had to do it. Then, my mentor's girlfriend gave me her bra and told me to put it on a pillow and practice undoing it from the pillow. For the next 4 hours, I practiced unsnapping a bra with 1 hand. My mentor had to fix my game over text for me by breaking rapport and saying some really sexual stuff to make her think I was more experienced than I appeared. It worked. A day later, she was back at my place. We had a drink, and I brought her back into my room, this time saying I needed to show her a video. We go back in. More making out. I try to take her bra off again, and it was still INCREDIBLY difficult to remove. After that practice, I was sure I would be good at is. I wasn't. She was so riled up, she took it off for me. Soon after, all of the other clothes came off. She asked me if I had a condom, I opened the dresser drawer and took out a condom and put it on. She was bent over the bed, standing up. I was behind her, and stuck myself in.

The whole experience was weird and awkward and I didn't know what I was doing, but I lost my virginity. A week or so later, I had my second lay, a Same Night Lay, which was SOOO much better.

I waited until I was 23 before I lost my virginity, mainly because I didn't know what the heck I was doing. Luckily, I had friends to walk me through the process and help me out.