Field Tested Group Openers on the MALL

PUA : Hi Gals, can u help me with a good advise please

Girls : Sure thing

PUA : my friends told me that if i wanna get cute girl friend i have to got friend which r girls which r cute as well.. is that right ?

Girls : yes / no .. bla bla bla

PUA : well anyway .. i think u guys r cute .. i want u gals to be my friends okay ... (be excited as if they will say yes, this will make them feel bad to turn u down)

Girls : sure why not ...

PUA : my name is PUA bla bla bla
PUA : i have to warn u though ... if i still don't get cute GF by befriending u gals.. i'm gonna take one of u instead :P

the rest is fun conversation & full of flirting & teasing

if u guys wanna see the pictures of my field reports
you can PM ME