I usually have about a 90% success rate with F-Closing once it gets to the point of making out with a girl, doesn't matter if it's a first, 2nd or 3rd date.. This girl was putting the LMR on like a beast though, and I was like 'wtf'?. Totally caught me off guard, especially after she was the one that suggested we move to her room after making out on the couch for 10 minutes.

I may have failed a little with the push/pull though, in retrospect, probably just because she's sooo damn hot, and I haven't been with a girl with tits like hers in a while hahaha.. I'll be more mindful this time and make sure I don't come off too easy. I didn't pull off enough, I just kind of went for it. Might be where I farked it up.

I just read Direct's LMR guide and honestly it's extremely similar to how I handle the situation (big ups, Direct)..

So yeah, Sunday is a maybe right now.. I told her to let me know sonner than later, so I can make other plans if she's gonna be lame.

I managed a first date F-Close on Saturday, one of the easier ones I've had in a while, with a HB8. So I'm feeling pretty good, seeing her again on Saturday! And I have another first date on Monday with a girl I've been texting with for a couple weeks. 3 in a row if none of them flake! Haha. Better eat my Wheaties!

Thanks for the reply!