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    ragr Guest

    Default another possible target

    Lets call her X (HB 8(i dont know what HB means though lmao)

    So i met X about 7 months ago. I planned to go to the beach with a friend and she told me she would go with her sister and one of her sister's best girl friend (girl X). while heading to the beach we all had fun and nice conversations. To make the story short, girl X and I were having a great time, she was flirting with me and everyone noticed it, I'd say we are pretty compatible. It ended up she had a boyfriend, so i just forgot about her and didn't play anything on her.

    The last time I saw her was in a mall about 2 months ago. I ran into her and I asked for her number (i noticed she was flirting with me). it ended up she still had the same bf.

    Last week i was hanging out with some friends, and one of girl X's girlfriends told me that girl X was having problems with her bf and she wanted to get rid of him. i dont know how we ended up talking about girl X but we did. (her friend knows there is chemistry bwtween girl X and I).

    So right after girl X's friend told me about her relationship with her bf, it was like a light bulb just turn on in my head.

    I'm planning to text girl X, to see if i can start the fire, and invite her out with the friends we used to hang out with.

    what do you guys think I should do?

    Thanks a lot in advance.

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    slasherguy Guest

    Default Re: another possible target

    We'll.. I guess Girl X like you bro. Maybe she is just in a dilemma right now because she is still with her bf and she likes you. You can text her but not too submissively. Just say simple hi and how are you. And see if the same chemistry is still present.

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    Mystery_wannabe Guest

    Default Re: another possible target

    Nice ragr! You're heading towards a possible victory!

    Alright here are some of my suggestions:

    1) Text her but make it brief with the goal of asking her out in mind
    2) Keep gaming her and try to escalate the Kino

    I don't know how much you know about text game, but I've been trying out text gaming for a bit and have had some mixed results. You can try asking GnG or myself (on msn) and I'll see what I can do.

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    TopGuy Guest

    Default Re: another possible target

    I say go text her. You won't be able to determine if she is attracted to you if you won't try. Just be smooth and just use your PUA techniques efficiently.

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    Ridikulus Guest

    Default Re: another possible target

    Just text, text, text and spend time with her. At least you'll validate the BF problems and know what's taking her so long to ditch the guy. Then you can make an informed decision if she's worth the play. See, if her bf is a jerk but she still has
    so many reasons not to break up, then she's probably head over heels in love. She may just be using you to amuse herself and boost her ego up. Not entirely a bad situation but ideally, you want a girl that's available, right?

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