Hi guys,
Thought I'd start a thread and stick in some field reports as I do some approaches.

So I'll get started:
Last night was the first time I had ever tried dance floor game. A friend of mine use to teach people to dance, and he's half teaching me. So we went into the club, at first I thought we were just going to dance, then he started egging me on to approach some girls.Good thing was, no-one was on the dance floor when we got there, then I think because we went up there, started dancing having fun, more people went up.
Never approached girls on the dance floor before, didn't really know what to do, so he told me what to do, and I was a bit unsure of myself really. Then a guy came in and started dancing with the girls I was hoping to dance with, but it did mean I saw how it's done

I had a couple more drinks, since he said I needed a bit more courage. So we then changed rooms now and again, looking for dance floors where there was more girls dancing (it seemed everytime we went off the floor, other people did too, was a bit irritating really lol). Eventually we found a room, about 75% guys dancing, but there were a few nice sets of girls. So I did my first 2 approaches on the dance floor ever. The first 1 I just didn't really fully approach, so the girls were a bit unsure if I was trying to dance with them or not. The second set I went in dancing, and they turned away slightly, clearly weren't interested, but my friend never actually saw this.

We changed clubs, and then I tried 1 last set in the new club, I danced into it the same way I did before, but they weren't interested again, then when I went back to my mate, he was quite pleased, since I've never done this sort of thing before, but when we came out the club on the way home when we could hear each other he gave me a few tips on the dancing I did when I went to the girl. Since you couldn't speak, it was all about body language and dancing obviously, he said I was a bit too forward, but I'll ask him to teach me some dance moves going into sets.

A few things I noticed throughout the night, was when we went onto the dance floor, however empty or full it was, girls seemed to come and dance near us. It could be that we were just really fun and high energy. My friend was like a semi-professional dancer, so seeing some proper dancing might have been another reason, or, I'm not sure about me being attractive, but a couple of people have said my friends attractive. Alternatively it could be my dancing, or me being attractive or w/e, I'm not sure. One other thing I noticed was a couple of girls came to us to try and dance with us.

I'll need a lot more practice to get good at this, and to understand it. But at least I've got someone who has had a fair bit of experience in this game, and who can teach me to dance I'm definitely going to stick with this game, simply because I love dancing!