Below is a short report of an encounter with previous girl.
'Flash Phone Call'
With a short window i decided to move in.called once first no avail.missed hers.then went with it.
Har:Hey you must be doing great..
Sus:Excuse me, could you come again pls couldnt..
Har:Met girl same smile mannerisms reminded me of you..
Sus:0k..soo u(thinking probably)
Sus:Wow interesting
here she gave a bit of a drill with statements like ''how i met her,what ensued'' basically to find out more.had been picking up so i could definately relate.
Ended the interaction.had to go
she call me back once.which kind of was unexpected went for a walk and ahead to show her something.started in my..began grinding after few bouts of kissing..took off from there.she asks lots of questions and sometimes says excuse me just to get reply.changed my reply because had to delve straight in.overall a fun girl..