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Thread: Lunch?

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    Roy Hobbs Guest

    Default Lunch?

    Is a lunch date a good idea?

    I was at a bar a few weeks ago and this girl yelled out my name. I looked around and did not recognize anyone at first. This girl told me to come over and asked if I remembered her. Apparently, I went to high school with her. After 20 minutes I number and kissed closed. We have been trying to meet up for happy hour or going out, but it keeps falling through.

    We work very close to each other so I was wondering if grabbing lunch would be a good idea? If so, what are some suggestions for a "lunch date?"


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    culturedpearls Guest

    Default Re: Lunch?

    The problem with a lunch date is... you have to rush it, otherwise, your mighty boss will be breathing down your sorry neck. Unless you're your own boss, that is.

    But if it's all that's available for now, then why not? Maybe you can just buy something to go and sit in the park eating them sandwiches. If you're anywhere cold, then there's reason to Kino and warm up.


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