So as some of you may know, I'm an attraction coach. I teach the are of seduction to upper class professional males with a lack of game.

I was out this Friday and I was making conversation with a guy while waiting for my wing to show up. He saw me open a couple of attractive sets and asked if I had any success. I laughed and told him I did fine and that I was a dating coach. He told me that he desperately needed my services.

He booked a session for the next day and I did a demo for him that night.

Saturday, we go out and we decide that he's most comfortable with Direct Game and we begin. I open one set teasing them both that they are in a club both locked into their phones texting away. Long story short, the girls are friendly but they aren't giving any indications that they are interested in my client. I tell my client this, but he's sure he's getting somewhere and decided to stay in set. About 25 minutes later, he realizes that I was right and leaves the set.

We relocate to the balcony, and I open another set. One girl is walking by the fire pit and her friend has her hands on her back. I tell her to lookout that girl is trying to push her into the fire pit. They laugh and we joke about the attempted murder that just took place.

The "murderer" says no I'm protecting her boobs, she just got them done. I say well they look nice, and new boobs say thank you and hugs me. She's picking up whatever I'm laying down. I kino her and push her buttons because she is giving perfect compliance and IOI's out the ass. Her friend warns me to be careful getting so close because I might injure the boobs. I say to the friend, yours look nice too when did you get yours, she replied "at birth". we laugh some more.

At this point another girl (Blonde) that was just heavily making out with another guy approaches and starts trying to alpha/cockblock the interaction. She tells we need to be gentlemen and be respectful..blah, blah, blah

Silly cock block, I knew from her approach she was an attention whore. All she needed was a hoop to jump through to get some attention. I said, "hey were are just talking about your friends boobs, hers are real, hers are bought, what about yours?" She said "I have awesome boobs and a flat stomach, and I'm a black mans dream because I have a nice ass". I told her to turn around. I smacked her ass immediately and she turned locked eyes and smiled at me, "You're bad, I might take you home" (you wish)

The guy she was making out with, flipped his lid when she returned to him. He had been buying drinks all night and was pissed.

I let my client and his buddy go to work, kept encouraging them to push forward and what IOI's I was seeing and suggesting compliance tests they could try. I was trying to give them the basics they need to be successful with direct game. They got a hell of a lesson.

At some point the blonde asked us what we were doing afterwards. she said that they were going to dump drink guy and his buddy and meet up with us if we were down. I told the other guys, as long as you don't screw it up you're getting laid. I baby sat them through the process until it was time to leave and the girls got into the car with my client.

I heard new boobs was disappointed, she thought I was going home with her. I played along with this because if I told them I wasn't going back to the apartment, it could have sabotaged the whole thing. Instead, I told the girls I would meet them there. As cute as she was, I only sleep with super classy stuck up chicks.

In the end, my client got laid by the blonde, his buddy had no game and got cock blocked. Considering it was a first night coaching, first night lay....I'm proud of this one. Needless to say, my client is very satisfied.