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    Default Tips on finding a place to f-close at parties

    Well guys, it's NYE and I'm heading up to Iowa City (University of Iowa is Americas #1 party school). We're going to go to a bar first to find the good parties and then were going to parties. Well, I want to be able to f-close, but I myself do not have a car and my friend won't let me use his car. So I need some advice at:

    1) Identifying or finding places in parties where I can f-close
    2) Tell which girls are dating a guy at the party (got into it with a guy once for dancing on his girl, best way to get kicked out of the party)
    3) Get the guys at the party to like me so I have some social proof. I will have a few friends there of my own but I want the REAL good looking girls so it'll help if I am like the center of attention, you get what I mean?

    I'm swagging out. From my socks and boxers to jeans and sweatshirt. Going to be wearing all black air maxes, some Jordan elites, Rock Revivals, American Eagle Boxers, Hollister V-neck and A&F hoodie that will be taken off at the party and a nice inexpensive watch that gets stares.

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    Default Re: Tips on finding a place to f-close at parties

    1. This is important. One time I went to a party thrown by some guys that I knew. I got to the party and 15 minutes later I was banging this girl in a "dark empty room". Ten minuets into it, three guys bust in and turn on the lights. I was banging her in the keg room! I got to the party and had this girl on my nuts so fast I didn't even know I brought her to the worst spot in the house to bang her. The girl and I were butt naked! Luckily I knew the guys (they lived in the house). They laughed at me and I made some small talk with them while the girl was covering up in my lap. It turned out to be a good story, and I was somewhat of a legend after that one, but if I didn't know the guys, I'm sure I would have been kicked out.

    Scope the house out. Most of my party hookups happen in the bathroom. Look for the bathrooms, and if there are more than one, pick the one that is used the least. If there is only one bathroom in the house don't go there, you will only piss everybody off. Closets can also work, look for ones in area's that are not very busy. I would avoid going into someone's room. If you don't know the people throwing the party, that's a great way to get beat up/kicked out. If all else fails go to her place after the party. That's the best way, then you can bang her all night.

    2. This can be tough. If some girl is all lovey dovey with a guy leave her alone. The best thing you can do is become friends with a guy that is obviously popular at the party (or the host) then ask him once your having a good time. Say "hey there's allot of attractive women here and I don't want to piss anyone off. Are there any girls with boyfriends here that I should stay away from". Or something along those lines. He should respect you allot for asking him that, and if you made friends with him, he will gladly let you know which women are single. If you really did a good job he will even introduce you to some of the girls (epic win).

    3. Be friendly. Don't only talk to the women. Talk to the guys also. When your talking to them offer them a pull off your bottle. Be the life of the party. Give guys high fives. If your a fun, friendly guy, the guys should like you. I can't tell you how many times I've had guys I just met that night defend me from getting beat up or introduced me to their "woman friends". Number three is definitely the most important. There's always some d-bag at every party I go to that doesn't like me/wants to beat me up. That guy always looks like an idiot if most of the other guys like you and defend you.

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