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    HotRod Guest

    Default A Very Merry Christmas

    I met a girl from a local bar few weeks before Christmas. We talked a lot on the phone and through facebook. I can tell she is also into me and an attraction has developed. Last Christmas, I invited her to come over for dinner with a couple of friends. She seemed to be shy but I managed to make her comfortable. When the party was over, my friends went home and only the two of us were left in my apartment. She helped me out cleaning the dishes and stuff. We sat down on the couch closely while drinking wine. We talked and talked and eventually, came to the point of making out. We were intense then and end up naked together.

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    slasherguy Guest

    Default Re: A Very Merry Christmas

    Indeed, it was a very Merry Christmas bro!!damn, you nailed that one. Quite so easy huh?

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