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Thread: Read this please

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    Default Re: Read this please

    Quote Originally Posted by twentynine View Post
    Alright look dude, whoever the fark you are - or think you are - I'm gonna give you the time of day. Why? Because I don't think you are alone in your thinking, as far as the type of people who post on these forums. I can tell you right now you have it all wrong, and you don't have the slightest idea of the calibre of people you are dealing with.

    I don't blame you, however. "PUA's" get a horrible rap.. There was a time that even I thought that the whole "PUA" thing was a bunch of douchebags out to trick and fark every hot girl they could lay their hands on. The truth is.. This is a community of people who simply want to build a better and more fulfilling life, increase their successes and become more confident, better people. This is all about being happy and believing in a common goal. It is not about learning to game girls, sleep with as many women as possible, be a farking douchebag, hurt people's feelings etc. like you obviously think.. We're some of the most honest people you'll ever meet.

    This is about becoming a better, stronger person. Learning to not let ourselves be absolutely farking destroyed every time a shitty farking girl walks all over us, growing a thicker skin, learning to be more alpha and take control of any situation, attracting people in general (women AND men), being social, setting goals, building confidence, learning to love who we are because we UNDERSTAND that that is what this whole thing is all about.. Learning to speak and say what we believe in, to get out of our comfort zones, and learning to be able to take criticism from farks like you.

    We read books, we share knowledge about being better people for the sake of the people around us. Yes, a lot of what we talk about is attracting women because that is a deep down built in NEED of any and every man, it comes with the territory of being a man and if you don't already know that than you aren't one. If you think women don't appreciate it you are wrong, we are not only enriching our own lives by doing this.

    You on the other hand.. Who are you? Right now, you are simply an uninformed, cranky bigot, looking to offset the course of the guys who get all the attention from the women you desire; and the only way you can come to grips with that fact and sleep at night is to continuously persuade yourself into believing that you are better than us. I think maybe you should be putting more of your time into finding where you belong, and less of it messing with ideas and people who are miles out of your league.
    Ha...This paradigm of the PUA community you've given me is indubitably gay.

    lmao the way you present yourself and your group is opprobious.. stating you're better than me. This is expected from a misanthropic asshole like myself but way to stoop to that level.

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    Come back when you want to improve yourself and others. Until then... buh bye.

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    Default Re: Read this please

    way to go troll, you are officially the most narrow-minded member of this forum, give yourself a pat on the back. I think its absolutely hilarious that you flex you're ego by venting on an anonymous public forum in some kind of an attempt to damage the self esteem of others.

    I'm sure the masses of your friends and girlfriends love the way you act (as I'm sure you have neither friends nor girls in your life, especially if you treat everyone the way you treat the people of this forum)

    however i do agree with you that people do need to set goals and have ambitions (as you mentioned in one of your previous posts) the goal of pua is to help people to get out there and fulfill there ambitions.

    there is no shortcut to success, getting that takes lots of time and effort. you are completely right about that.

    i also agree that lots of people do need to learn how to get over there ex. they come to these forums in desperation when emotions are high and logic is low. most of them will eventually get over there ex's. a skilled pua would not waste much time even thinking about his ex. however many of the people who come to the forums are not skilled pua's, they seek assistance from those who are.

    while you may disagree with some of our ideals about monogamy vs. polygamy, most of the people who come to this forum do so in seeking out one life partner.

    btw lets keep the debate of religion off the table. everyone has there own opinion of it and it is something almost everyone feels very strongly about.

    however i do not like how you group us as being "fags" there is nothing homosexual about pursuing the woman of your dreams.

    i absolutely love the fact that you mention us to be "hillbillies" and that you somehow feel that country people are somehow lower in value because they do not live in a population center. i bet you have never even left the city,even to breathe clean air, and even if you have you don't know anything about the people who live in the countryside. if you met any of them, you would find that most of them treat people far better than you do (of course now that i think about it, most people treat others better than you do)

    i would highly suggest you to read the book "how to win friends and influence people" by dale Carnegie. (clearly you need to learn both how to be more open minded towards others)

    I'm glad you sought out our help, i hope you can learn a thing or two from us.

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