Hey guys, it has been 2014 for 9 days now - I don't believe in nwe year resolutions or anything like that, but I state very clear to myself what I want from this year: to improve in the field of pickup - and maybe go on for a LTR.

I started digging in the PUA world somewhere around September-October last year. I made 3 f-close, like a dozen #-close, and a lot of approaches - but not as much as I wanted. So my goal is to make it even better this year.

I was in a kind of a communal town-party on New Years Eve - talked to one girl, had great conversation, but nothing special. But she was the cutest girl there and I was kinda proud of myself for approaching her. A few months back I wasn't able to imagine that.

Then on 4th we went for a sarging with some of my wing - oh yeah, I get to know some people on a Hungarian PUA conference, and got some wings last year, it's also great - but it was a total disapointment. I was completely freezed, had massive aa - I made ZERO approach. It was kinda devastating - I still struggle with AA, but I made massive progress, I never end a sarging before 3-5 approach. And now, zero. Shame on me.

A few days later we decided to play some daygame - rarely practice it, so I know I suck at it. We were walking around the city for hours. Then, at the end of it, after somehow we finaly break the ice, made some approach. I approached a girl indirectly, asking for directions, but I was able to carry it on, she responded well, got some IOIs - but she wasn't that hot, so I didn't #-closed her. Then, another 2 approaches, both were direct. One of it was in a hurry, didn't even stopped, the other was cute - but it turned out that she is a teacher at the university I study at. It kinda shocked me, so I didn't even think of #-closing - but we chatted a bit, some slight ioi, it wasn't a bad experience.

And today, we made an other daygame with my wing - didn't have much time, only made 2 approaches - 1 indirect, 1 direct. I wasn't able to carry on the indirect; but guys, if I asked where can I find this XY university, and she tell me where I should go, and then she asks me why I'm looking for it - it's an IOI right?
Because that's what happened, but shortly after that we said goodbye. The other girl I approached directly was cute, had some conversation, made her laugh, but when I asked for her number, she said she didn't give out her number - she tells me her name, but not the number, and I can look her up. I didn't want to get her name, but she didn't give me her number, so that was it, we high fived and said goodbye.

Actually, I still need like 30-40 minutes to get in the mood, and still have some AA, but daygame isn't as scary as I though before. I have some not resoluitons, but plans for this year: carry on doing daygames, but not forgetting about nightgame as well; finally ask out my favourite bartender, who I was beating around the bus about weeks-months; and I vow a fapstinance - no fapping for at least 2 weeks - or 30 days. It's hard even for now, I reinitiate the contact with one of my past f-close, but we weren't able to manage a date. So that's it for now guys.
Adam Taylor