So I went out last night to a new bar in my area and I showed up about an hour before my friends arrived. It was probably my biggest night as far as approaches go but I could never seem to keep them hooked. Now I won't list all of them as it will get totally boring seeing as most of them ended the same way but here goes.

I opened my first set after coming back to my table to find 2 girls sitting there. I confidently sat down and when they asked if they should leave I ignored it and opened them with the toothbrush-flossing opener. We talked and I used Kino on the closest girl and we eventually moved to the restaurant section of the bar where I eventually got blown out due to my lack of attraction building and dhv. I told them I had to meet my friends where I walked back to my table and met some cool dudes who happened to be taking the same course in college as I. I guess I got lost in conversation(It's rare to find someone else who has the ship life) because I talked with him until my friends arrived.

The next set I opened went well until the two girls my friend was talking to went to the bathroom and the girl I had followed along. I opened a few more pure sets(usually 2-3 girls) and one mixed set. They all went really well. Good open, good DHV and good conversation but they eventually faded off. So I think my problem is moving to the comfort building phase and I just can't ever seem to make that transition.

Do you guys have any tips for me?