Hello all

To cut down to brass tactics my best friend set up a blind double date with 2 hb7s both sisters the plan was to show up to watch a movie. Showed up and the ticketa were sold old intill the next hour. So we were just standing there, we live in a smalltown with nothing nothong to do. So we just stood there talking, i felt pretty pretybad bacause we couldnt find anything to do, all we did was talk there was some silences but not much my buddy and I helped each other out DHVing high school football stories etc..we made them laugh, lined some jokes i havent beem in a date in like 3 years but we actually had a pretty decent time just talking for like an hour and a half eventually it was getting late so we all decided to re schedule for bowling untill the next day for bowling they agred to.

I guess main problems is conversations i dont even know the girl what do i ask in the beggining? How do i start then transition to flirting and close at the end of the date?

My other problem is the girls offered to pay, i always feel like the guy should pay it just feels like its the the nature of things. My buddy and i jist told them "we gonna pay for you guys, but dont feel like you owe us anything, we like soda next time you can buy us some"

My other question is would it be a good idea to go somewhere esle after the date, the only thing we can do in this town is toworkout, movies,bowling or go out to eat.