This is happening.. I think.

Last night I went on a D3 with a 9. She stayed over and we banged this morning before she left.

A FWB started texting me about an hour ago (HB8), I told her I'm hungover and that I tweaked my back last night (she gives a great backrub). She replied with "Anything I can do to help?".. I said sure but I have a dinner thing at 7. So yeah, she's on her way over. Totally unexpected.

Tonight I have a date.. A first date with another 9. I've had quite a few first date successes, but now I'm feeling a little pressure because I want to make this happen, these opportunities don't come around all that often! Just so I can say I did it, really. Haha.

Basically the reason I'm posting this is to open a thread aimed at talking about making it happen on the first date, and/or sharing experiences of bedding multiple girls in the same day.