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Thread: The Highs And Lows

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    Cool The Highs And Lows

    High points and low points in your life are inevitable. Whether it be meeting the love of your life or having someone close to you pass away, there will always be varying degrees of high and low in your life. Since becoming more involved in PUA, I've noticed that I have had ten times as more high and low points in my life and that they are pushing the extreme as well. Everyone will have to cope with these points on a regular basis. I know I do.

    Last weekend was the best weekend I've had so far. I was getting numbers, making people happy and talking to beautiful women. I was running on that high for 3-4 days straight and I felt amazing. This most previous weekend was an all time low for me in terms of PUA. I approached two sets and completely bombed both of them. As I was walking home from downtown I walked past this group of girls who exclaimed, "oh my god, ew! It's that guy", as they pointed at me. As weird as it sounds, that gave me the motivation and confidence to push through the rest of the night. Ultimately, I ended the night with a possible skull fracture and concussion from a fight I was in. Needless to say, that brought me back down to an entirely new, deep low.

    I went out the next night to a local bar/pub to meet some friends and have a few drinks. I saw this gorgeous girl, HB7.5 inside the entrance who was being chatted up by a guy(this girl and I were previous acquaintances, but had only spoke for about 10 minutes at the bus stop the day before). I went up and gave her a big hug and started talking to her, completely ignoring the guy talking to her as I knew she wasn't interested at all. We went to the bar to get drinks which only ended up with her pushing me against the table and making out with me. Blah, blah, blah. Kiss, kiss, kiss. You know the story. 10 minutes later I was carrying her outside to a cab and we ended up back at my place(I wish I could've seen my friend's faces!). The next day we were in my shower listening to Sum41 and rocking out while washing our hair! Which is probably the coolest thing ever :P

    So as I sit here with a fractured skull and a concussion, I am powering through it and making sure I turn those miserable lows into some of the best highs I will ever have.

    No matter how many times and how bad life knocks you down, get the fark back up and knock life back down on itself. Cope with the low points and absolutely flourish in the highs. Never take no for an answer and remember, you are a god. Act like one.

    Become the best person that you can be and never stop progressing yourself.

    "You know what my dream for this summer is? To have all the girls that you and I have farked this summer out on the SS Vagina."
    "That is the dream. It'll be one big mess of bad decisions and failed relationships."
    "We're the guys you don't introduce your parents to."

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    Default Re: The Highs And Lows

    Good job on bouncing back from the lows.

    At the beginning of each year I write the number 8 in my daytimer for January 1st.

    Every year I expect 8 crappy things to happen because they happen to all of us. It could be a fight with a friend, parents, siblings, a car accident, relationship breakup, getting into a fight, an injury, or something bad at work.

    When something crappy does happen I go into my daytimer I cross out the 8 and then write 7. Last year only 6 crappy things happened in my life so it was a great year.

    I found that by preparing mentally for the 8 bad events each year before they happen that my lows points are ALMOST completely eliminated. I recover so much faster from any negative event.

    Yes, I still use a daytimer..... I know it's old school but I am one of those people that still needs to write things on paper to plan things out.


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