This weekend I went together with 6 colleagues of mine to Warsaw (Poland).

One of my colleagues is my latest wingman, and we've been enjoying the international nightlife for the past two months. Others are in a relationship. All of them drink a lot, always up for a good/expensive night out.


It was already 1AM when we arrived at the nightlife scene. We went to one club which didn't had that many beautiful girls (after filtering out the prostitutes). I talked to some girls, just for fun... no HB7+ in the club. Really drunk night.


We started early and got ourselves some VIP spots in the club. We really had a great vibe (loads of bottles, laughing, dancing,...). So loads of girls got attracted by it. After 1hour - 1,5hours we started spreading out in the club. We approached MANY girls. The place was filled with HB7+'s.

I literally walked up to any girl I felt attracted to, started dancing with her and within 30 seconds she would start grinding me on the floor. The dancing was over-the-top, never have I experienced it in such a way!

Now, the weird thing is, if I ever dance with a girl like that, I ALWAYS k-close. This time on the other hand, it was nearly impossible to k-close. Out of the 10 girls I danced, I was only able to k-close 3 of them. My selfesteem was suffering a lot! (completely confused)

So this is what happened in EVERY case:

1. I approach the girl
2. I present myself with a handshake, kiss her hand, and twist her around. Next, I had 100% of their focus and got them seperated from their friends.
3. We dance like the floor is only from us (loads of twisting/turning, followed by her humping on my leg).
4. We make loads of eyecontact, including our faces really close together. At very intense times, our lips were at a maximum distance of 2cm.
5. The attraction was there, I go for the k-close, and they turn their head.
6. I act like nothing happened, twist her arround, and start building up more attraction.
7. At this moment I would go for some smalltalk too, "You got lovely eyes", "I like your killer lips", ...
8. We would continue dancing, I'd go for a subtle kiss in the neck or cheek
9. But when we reach that high attraction level again, and I go for the k-close, they just turn their head again. GOODBYE SELFESTEEM.

I never k-closed a girl on first attempt, only had 3 k-close on second attempt.

10. If we would not kiss on the second attempt, we would dance for a maximum of 1min and then I heard the typical "I should get back to my friends". Which I agreed upon and went after my next target.

Brag section:

Now, my selfesteem was completely fixed when at the end of the evening I got lucky with this HB10 (she's a top-model, doing work for prada and such). She was dancing like crazy, surrounded by a circle of girlfriends, and those girlfriends were surrounded by a circle of sharks/boyfriends (I do not know). I made eyecontact for 1 second, (was smiling/dancing upfront), reached my hand towards her (through the two layered circle), she grabbed my hand and I pulled her out of the circles. I had the best dance of my life and k-closed her on second attempt. SELFESTEEM BOOST.

Strange part:

When I get back to our hotel, I'm talking about our field report with my colleagues... and we all had the EXACT same report. We could dance with these girls like gods, build up an insane amount of attraction, and followed by being neglected when going for a k-close.

This got us wondering.... what did we do wrong? How could we have improved our game?

I think I would've had a higher success rate if I just took them further away from their friends, like to the bar or something. But how do you do this?

Any feedback is more than welcome !! We're totally confused!