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    Default My New Year Bang

    The long and short of it is this: cousin of mine asked me to go with him to some talk and I didn’t bother to ask for more details. Turned out, it was this 'Intro to Bondage' thing arranged by some people he knew because some dominatrix was in town. The talk itself was mildly interesting but not really great. They were showing some S&M films in between but there was beer and wine and cheeses and chips and a lot of couples. They distributed this strip of black cloth and had us blindfold ourselves and the dom talked about all this sensual stuff so of course, we all probably got horny like hell.

    Anyway, cousin was sitting at my left and devouring everything the dom was saying while this really cute chick, an 8 probably, was sitting at my right with her friends. I didn’t even think to practice pick up there because even I was thrown by the setting but leave it to the dom to prime girls up for us men. Haha. Girl says “Surreal!” and I say, “Really makes you wanna have sex, right?” (I know, stating the obvious, duh) and she giggles, “Maybe.” So I introduced myself, told her I was just being supportive of my cousin’s perverted ambitions, shook hands, made small talk. It helped that they showed some more of those scary S&M movies (am all for bondage, guys, but candlesticks up a woman’s yah know… that scares me) and girl and I talked about that and exchanged opinions about it. Turned out they were visiting relatives here (she’s originally from Grand Rapids) for the holidays. My cousin and I hung around after all the talk and demo to chat them up some more and managed to Number Close without much effort.

    Texted the girl that same night. Something dorky like, “Sean here. Tell me what we’ll do with the souvenir blindfolds.” but she was chatty enough and we decided to meet for lunch the next day. Usual talk about school and just hanging out stuff. That night, she and her friends went with me and my cousins to a neighborhood bar at Hamtramck for some drinks and pool. Cousin brought his blindfold and it was crazy playing pool using that but at least, there were lots of Kino between the girl and me. Kiss closed before she hopped out of the car.

    Accompanied her for some last minute shopping the next day (31st) and I really didn’t think there would be farking but you gotta love last minute shoppers! House was empty!!! So we started fooling around in the garage because that was the only door she had a key for and I certainly gave it my all where my tongue and hands were concerned till one thing led to another and we had to improv with old car seats on the floor.

    And that is how I ended up banging on the floor, my friends.

    She's really cool too. We're now friends in FB.
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