Now before you fellas get too excited, no I was not at a strip club. The conversation was centered around strip clubs. I'm too cheap to pay for food half the time let alone a lapdance.

Side Note: I was always nervous when I don't approach that I would run out of things to say until I realized/learned earlier it takes two have a convo.

So after letting aa's punk me out of a few good opportunities in my college Dining Hall I reluctant to leave a choke artist by not going I tell my roommate (fellow student of the game) to pick someone for me to approach. He picks this 2 set in the corner and I pretend to get Ice Cream and open. I'll spare you the fluff talk but I will pinpoint my opener, transition, and highpoint of the conversation:

Opener: The dining hall had flowers on each table so I walk over to the girls and sit down. I then open directly saying something along the lines of, "I was going to get Ice Cream but I thought wow this girl is gorgeous, I must meet her" or something along those lines. This next part got a laugh and got it going: I then joking pull the flower out of the vase on the table and give it to her and pretend like it was especially for her! Her and the friend get a good smile/laugh out of it and I transition.

Transition: I switch to standard questions such as names and I ask if they are sorority girls. They say no and I take this opportunity to be my naturally jokingly narcissistic self and say, "I know I am handsome and all but I am not about that greek life either" with a smirk. To my surprise the girl was actually pretty funny/comfortable with talking so it never fully felt awkward.

Highpoint: After a few minutes fluffing it up I ask if her and her friend have plans for St. Paddy' Day weekend and she responds hanging with her friends who are coming up to visit from Jersey ( I know Jersey YUCK right?) I of course talk trash about me second guessing approaching if I found out she was from Jersey. Anywho, she asks me back my plans and I respond, "Probably looking for a pot of gold then making it rain in a strip club!" Her and the friend laughs and she makes a joke about working at a strip club.

The Number Close: After the strip club banter calms down I tell her my friends a probably waiting for me. I then say, "You give me your number, and I shoot you a text when I am about to hit up the strip club." At this point she says her phone is currently broken and I think, HOLY SHOWZA SHE IS MAKING UP AND EXCUSE! lol and her and I make eye contact for like 2 seconds as I give her a "you lyin girl face . She followed up positively by saying she'd still give me her number (and did) but if she doesn't initially respond it's because she's getting it fixed soon. I take her number down and tell her and her friends it was a pleasure.

In closing: I'm not sure if I'll text her because she really wasn't my taste in women. I'll probably just flirt with her when I see her around campus or in the Dining Hall. I realized from this that I can be my jokingly narcissistic self and N-Close. I take this approach as a step towards pulling the trigger more and faster with girls I have more interest in.

It really is just be yourself, say what you find funny, and don't feel like it's your job to keep the conversation going put the pressure on her as well! If you guys don't vibe then Nick Sparks 60/40 principle it's not your fault.

I've always wanted to do a field report because I love reading about others situations. Today was just getting my feet wet, my only complaint with my approach was that I wasn't cocky enough! lol.

T-Mal said it best, it's all about having fun in the approaches! If I bomb then I will make sure I turn it into a GREAT STORY.

The first of many FR from my college experience to come

Note: No strippers were harmed in the making of this Field Report.