for some background info I recommend reading this field report first (many of the charactors in last nights story are also in this one)

alright, this is going to be another long report, so bear with me.

ok, so I hit up tiffany (the girl I farked in my other field report) we were both looking forward to the concert last night at a bar (the band saliva came to play at schmitts saloon in Morgantown wv)
I thought the concert would be ok for a "date" with tiffany, so I could hook up with her for a third time.

my first problem of the night was that the tickets didn't have a time on them, so I called the bar, and the lady who answered didn't have a clue what time the show would start, however she confidently told me it would start at 7 o-clock.

I showed up at 7, the problem was, the concert wasn't till 10:30 I did some approaches, but it was quite clear I didn't really fit in with the crowd there. (there were a lot of bikers and rednecks) so I spent the beginning of my night sitting in my car playing around with the online dating app "meet me" messaging some chicks to try and keep in the right frame of mind. however my energy levels were dropping gradually as I had to wait quite some time.

tiffany finally got there around 8:30, I went and talked to her a little, but I was not in a good frame of mind and she was there with her parents. by 9:00 she went off and I was left alone for the rest of the concert, I made some small talk with some of the guys, but nothing special, I thought my night would end with me going home disappointed.

however, I managed to channel my now negative energy to texting girls on "meet me" I literally messaged at least 10 girls who were online at the time. (I did this all the way till after the concert was over around 11:00)

however the spectacular show saliva put on was able to raise my mood some. I felt pretty good by the time it was over, and I had gotten quite a few promising messages from the online dating deal.

one in particular, we'll call her leah. wanted to hang out and get some drinks. (btw she's easily an HB9-10) so got her number and we texted a little. she got ready while I found someone to buy us alcohol. I picked her up around midnight and drove her out to a quite place in the country side where I would try and seduce her.

we sat in the back seat of my car drinking mikes hard lemonade till 2 am just talking. I tried to pull her in close to cuddle, but she pulled away and informed me that she is a lesbian. so I friend zoned her. (and hopefully I will get to meet some of her attractive friends one day)

around 2 I got a call from my friend Candy (HB-9) (the stripper from the field report I posted a link to) she had just got off work, and she was really drunk and needed a ride. (not to mention horny)

her litteral words were "I'm drunk and I need a ride, I don't care if you take advantage, I just need a ride, i'll pay you for gas."

so leah and I went and picked her up, then on the way back to leahs place both leah and I teased candy relentlessly. I was accidently using mystery method (paying more attention to leah and making candy want me more)

after I dropped leah off, candy climbed in the front seat. before I even pulled out of the drive, candy told me "I want to fark you so bad right now"
me: whatever happened to kissing first (tease)
her: *violently grabs my shirt collar and forces a kiss
me: slow down, I'm not going to fark you just yet.

I drove her to a secluded place and we had car sex.

it seemed so unreal how easy it was to seduce candy, but then again, she's a stripper who's not shy about going after what she wants. apparently she wanted me.

and that is how I bagged my first hb9, the hottest girl I've slept with, and the least effort I have ever put into a seduction....