We are doing a kind of a bootcamp with some of my wings this weekend. Friday, we had a nightgame, yesterday on Saturday was daygame+nightgame, and I'm about to go doing some daygame again. What I want to tell you happened yesterday during the nightgame.

We arrived in the club pretty early - there was no big crowd, only a few people dancing etc. We measured the situation, had some guy talk with my wings when we noticed a 3-set at the bar. I've already made my warm-up approach, so it was my wing who do that this time. I have no idea how he opened (probably some like "Ok, so what's for drinkin'?) - because I didn't know who is his target that time, I talked to the whole group. We had some chit-chat, but shortly my wing left because he didn't get much attention - I left with the 3-set alone. I negged her about how drunk they are, give them roles like you are the bad one, you are the smartedd etc. I hold the set pretty good, but there was no escalation - huige thanks to my wings, 2 of them arrived and get in the set as I introduced them. The problem was that I still don't know who is my target. One was just cute, but not only an HB6, the hotter one had a boyfriend as her friends mentioned - I just noticed how hot and cute tha 3rd one is at this point. Tall, brown HB 7-8. Started gaming her while my wings do their jobs with the other ones. I didin't move with her, only isolate with body language. Shorty, we left alone. As she noticed it, she wanted to find her friends - and ask me to come with her. I went with her when I realized that I shouldn't - I'm not ehr puppy and the night is still young. So I stopped, say her goodbye and went back to my friends.

As I expected, we met at the dance floor next time. You have to know about my game that I'm the talking kind-of guy. I game girl with being cocky and funny - so dancing game is not my fav. I approached her anyway, isolated her and while dancing, I still tried to talk and escalate. She was extremely playful, make some push-pull with me, but didn't really let me escalate. Her friend wanted to go to an other dancing room, so she apologies and wanted to left with them - I said No, but without succes. Than i stopped her, pointed at my cheek, she gave me a kiss and left. Yeah, it shouldn't have happened.

Later, we met again at the dancefloor. As we noticed each other, started laughing - I negged her, making gesture 'get the hell out of here" and ignored her completey. She was dancing with a huge bald guy. I didn't want to seem needy, so just had fun with my wing there. 10 minutes later, she approached me! Coming from the back, she just grab me - I hugged her, neg and tease her a bit, and when she wanted to leave again, I told her something like "Alright, I know you can dance, now I want to know if you are smart or something. So you go back to your bald guy and we grab some coffe sometime". I gave her my phone to get the digits - she noticed my Mom's name and number in the calling list and call my mother in the middle of the night! Ok, thath was funny and playful, she finally gave me her number, and I let her go. She said some like "But I still love you".

When I left the party 1 or 2 hour later, I shoot her a text: "Lucky you, you wake my mom up from a nightmare. But next time, wait for my order for the wake-up call - it'll be for me and I want breakfeast in bed, too". She replied: "Sick " - and an hour later I got this from her: "Sorry for not writing until now, but I didn't have my phone with me and now I'm heading home ". Isn't she delicious?