So, me and my mate headed to the clubs last weekend for a good session. Dancing, alchol and my friends french conquest were the order of the evening.

Upon arrival i walked in and gained instant social verification as being a 'gringo' in bogota allows you VIP entrance to most clubs because they think youll spend more money.... how. foolish.

We danced around the club alittle until there was some proximity action and satteliting going on around us. This moment I scanned for my ioi's - none needed. A young gentleman walked over and said 'you must meet all my friends they love englishmen' i was thrust into the middle of a 5 set and like any self respecting man I said hello to all of them pausing/smiling and making eye contact and then walked off.

The one who i deemed the deseprate slag of the group as she then followed me said hello, her english was terrible and my spanish is abismal but i basically inquired about salsa lessons and then we got to it on the dance floor. later in the night in my most basic broken spanish i essentailly said 'you me apartment' she concured and we went and fucked.

No patterns, no tricks just being a gringo in a land of visa seeking hoes.

Love it.