So I went to this Club. The one I talk about a lot that you will never find 10's but solid 9's are running rampant in there. In the end I had a smashing night truly of epic proportions. This is why I said I couldn't or can't pick up chicks at Church because of the mindset of the HB being the Holy Grail which I wrote about. So I go out to find my game.

I have some foundational rules
I never N-close on the Dancefloor just one of my key rules cuz it looks tacky but everywhere else is fair game. So I opened an 8 on the Dancefloor and cuz the music was slow kinda easy to hear. Anyway I qualified her and said "well maybe I'll run into you late ." I did see her later flirting with other guys potentially trying the Jealousy Plotline on me and lost it for her. Since I knew she would be trouble to close I chose to say nah man too rough.

I kept my rules and I kept my pride
No blowouts tonight cuz I chose my battles carefully. Slow night but scored 2 numbers on an 8 and a 9 (dime piece).

Had fun with the 8 long convo just joking about meeting women and stuff and we ayes a lot of guessing games. We joked about girls names and I made a comment cuz she asked about the high heels and all that. I was like "aww sh!t" meaning it turns me on and she repeated me saying "aww Kristy K" saying her name (not her real name). Nice might lead to a lay.

Dime Piece
Saw 2-3 guys checking her out right next to her scoping her out and I was like really? So I slide right past them and approached using the 3 second rule. Opened her on the first thing I noticed which was her crazy bag.

JB PUA "Are you a photographer?"
Target's Friend "What did you say you want a picture?
JB "That too."
JB "No I thought she was a photographer cuz of this bag that's not even a purse."
HB9 "I know I have a lot of crazy bags."
JB "What's your name?"
HB9 "Molly"
JB "Aww I have been looking for Molly like forever!?"
HB9 "Well you found her."
HB9 "We're headed to Vinyl later."
JB "Ugh"
HB9 "Yeah ugh"
JB "so hey let me get your number."
Knew it was too early and 9's I usually work a little harder but I just held it .
HB9 (hesitating hard now umm okay) "Yeah I have a BF we are breaking up so we can just be friends".

Communicates several things.
1. She is considering getting rid of him for me, score!
2. She just wants sex, score!
3. She doesn't want sex but actually wants to be friends but still breaking up with her BF as a huge hint she wants sex!

Either way might lose this one due to outcome dependency when I text her but great night. My DJ friend was all grabbing my arms searching for my new koi tatt I showed him when he was on stage it was hilarious. Showed him the tatt he just smiled. Then ran into a guy from my Gym (small world) and asked if he wanted to be in my Pick Up crew to which he said yeah sure. Crazy we are both 60 miles from the Club and found a possible wingman but I will see him at the Gym to talk about it.

The totally pwned some girl saying " he's got no game." I butted in and was like " I got game." Just screwing around on some 6's. Then they I was like fair game and that no go. I was like I gamed this one broad from the VIP table they were like we I don't see your game. I was like cuz I ain't running it! Ohh you could feel them shrink on that one no n-close or nothing and totally true. Saw them later and was like "I got game!" "No no you don't" " I got a 9's number a 9!"

Whew a lot stuff went down right but we'll see when Summer hits the full story. Anyway my nickname is a mystery sorry guys as I told the girls and I don't want it to pop up on google so just (JB) I tell to the girls. I picked up tonight as I earned it tonight from a Set and carried into another Set. Like I said I a infamous with nicknames not to mention some buff dude kept saying my dancing was sick and his girl gave me the "fark me eyes" but her dude was right there so no.