Yeh so I number closed today but I don't feel like I built enough attraction to even use it. Please critique. Don't hold back.

So I saw this blonde go up the stairwell of the lib and went up to sit by her.

I complimented her quilt bag and she smiled and thanked me.

I asked if she was creative and she said she was an interior design major so kind of.

I told her I had no clue there was an interior design major and we talked about that for a while.

Then somehow we got to places of origin and then inevitably siblings and traveling. She asked if I had any siblings (I have a sister) and she turned out to have a little sister.

We then talked about where we wanted to live and she said she loved DC so I asked if she watched "Scandal" and she said she wanted to get into so I promised her I'd catch her up with a marathon sometime.

I told her I wanted to make a lot of money because I had a lot of lives to change and she said she wanted to do something good but she didn't know what.

Then I told her about what's going on in the world but in an informative way not a 'open your fucking eyes' way. I ended on the revolution in Ukraine.

After that, I figured I should actually study a little chemistry and let her do a little studying of her own since she has to be in front of a panel.

A little later she asked me why I chose to go to Maine for a year and as I started to tell her about the research papers I published when a few of my friends spotted me.

They came up and got there as I pretty much got finished explaining the whole reason and I there weren't enough seats for everyone there so I told them to go downstairs and that I'd be there in a second. As I packed up, I told her we should hang out sometime and asked for her phone. I put my number in, txt myself, and told I'd txt her.

The thing is, I don't think I built any attraction. It feels like I lost this one. Totally in the friendzone. I didn't do any Kino because its hard to do in the thick chairs we sat in. But other than that. Where can I build more attraction?