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    Ridikulus Guest

    Default Re: Today just did not end well for me

    Quote Originally Posted by Coyote View Post
    one i coulda closed today, my wingman disengages. i had another who got me on to all this who would disengage when i was in set. what do ya do when many of your good friends and allies (financial assistants often inclusive) are AFC's??
    1) Don't depend too much of your game on your wingmen
    2) Make sure it's clear with your wing that there's also something in it for him/her
    3) Make sure the wing knows what a wing is and what's expected of him
    4) In a set, don't forget the wing. I mean, if you charm your target's friends, the cockblocks and whoever else, then why would you forget your wing?

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    Coyote Guest

    Default Re: Today just did not end well for me

    today aint ending well for me cos this 19 year old little minx is partying all over me. i turn away and she has blokes lining up so i gotta make a play and this hot little thing and i have been having a struggle for a while that i aint falling over her and now she is damn headstrong.

    she knows i want her and i aint getting away with with indifference as we know its feigned but she wants me to fall and i like what she does but i also dont want to let this one break me

    she is young but she must know she is hot... may she is a 10 but i wouldn't tell her that. she has a price on it and i cant knock her off so easy. last few nights she has been online and i aint getting nowhere so i think i have just worked it out. send her another letter that is frank and open stating the situation for another day and play her up the slope for a while

    this one didn't start off like this... she was frying chips in the Take Away and she wanted to get a man in front of her mates which i made her work for.... now she is making me work the little bitch and yeah yeah....... i still got a few more arrows in my quiver

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    Pinai Guest

    Default Re: Today just did not end well for me

    Lolz... this reminds me of that time, when I was a lot younger. Was in a bar with friends and the bf. Bf was getting jealous I was being such a social butterfly so he started smoking, because he knows I hate that. So I stayed far away from him and let him watch me being adored by others because he was smoking and he smoked all the more because I refused to come over. Exercise in futility, we could have just made out instead of warring like that. Lolz.

    I think Coyote, your best bet now is not to contact her for a few days at least. She knows you want her. Nothing you can do about it. But at least she'd also know she can't have you on her terms alone.

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    Coyote Guest

    Default Re: Today just did not end well for me

    cheers Pinai

    today i was going in to see another chick who i know likes me but i had this preoccupation with the dlv i am projecting atm and it is getting me frustrated. this chick this arvo is so nice and obviously sees something in me that she not only really likes, she seems to say i am a really a good person, yet she had prepared for me and was just beautiful and i was backtracking in my mind today. a mate hung up on me in the morning cos i was bitching about Sh1t and it made me realise that he is another mate but not anyone really special. i bloody well counsel him at 5am when he aint coping at sea et al...

    this chick seems so into me, she is i dont want to be up myself etc... (very important in australian culture hence why unionism is so important to us) and i ended at a point with her that i felt she was too good for me as i was at the time. so i was thrown right off my game.

    another chick in a shop gave me a rough up and i was sick of em anyway and i guess i am also trying to get my wealth healthier re understanding businesses and setting up my own money gatherers in the marketplace. the chick i wanted to ask out though, well we talked out and there was no opportunity yet i didn't back out. i made clear that i would give it a proper attempt from the start next time. today was a me day and everything began with me and turned to mud.

    this chick was forgiving once that i was off my game and running a bit spare and i don't expect her to accept it again. i want to try something different. she has my number and that means Sh1t. i know a few of her workmates.... they reckon its cool i chat up any of em and others and i am asking them about other girls and they dig the virile thing.... and the honesty

    if i see this chick in about 12 hours time (tomorrow) i have some business to sort out with her fathers business, i might ask her to a mate's gig on friday. she has a cousin down for the weekend and has a youngish birthday in the family on the saturday... so yeah i reckon i will throw it to her to bring her and her cousin to this gig. she knows its on and she knows i am involved

    plans never seem to go to plan.... i was great at improvising as a sporting team captain but with PU I have a long way to go. man, i get out there and open em though. should play metallica Battery when I go out sarjing. thanks guys for letting me rant

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    Pinai Guest

    Default Re: Today just did not end well for me

    Lolz Coyote, with you I sometimes feel like i'm reading someone who's high when he was typing, honestly, but am learning a lot too! Good luck and don't worry too much about plans not going according to... well... plan

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    Coyote Guest

    Default Re: Today just did not end well for me

    cheers pinai....

    well here we are on both issues above. One knows I want to and is leading me and she is young and hot. Letting her run out, giving her a lot of line and gonna let it run... as you and others said I will let her know its not all on her terms. Its important to me that these younger ones are taught something. What if they are dud in the sack and they are allowed to run around being useless in bed but hot??? Please.

    The other I saw today and i played that a bit more moment by moment although the plan was to ask her to this gig I am involved with tomorrow night.

    So when I walked in she was wrapt to see me and we chatted for a while whilst she had customers in and out. That was cool. I killed a cockroach for her and that was MAJOR points. rapport is pretty cool and then we got onto talking sex, sexuality.... and I could tell it was something she was not experienced at talking with strangers about but she is comfortable with me. I love talking about sex with anyone just as i love talking politics and money with anyone. She told me about her family background and she has been telling me a bit about her family. Like me, family seems a priority for her.

    We haven't gone a lot further than come to think of it but the sex talk and establishing our sexual preferences was a good step. I didn't go back though i was in the area. I was happy with where it is. We talked about gay men and I let her know I have gay friends and I consider some of them better men than all straight AFC's. I spoke about having a struggle and those who have depth and strength of character. I even said sometimes I wish I were gay but life is a bit more complicated. She got pretty hot with it and self conscious

    I thought i would drop past on the way back with something from tomorrow nights venue and asking her and her cousin to drop in to the gig and i will put their names on the door but the venue operator didn't give me what i need when i dropped in before. so i though that the great spirit might be saying lay back on that for now... see how tomorrow goes. I might give her my card and invite them to the gig or I might not. If I don't see her there will be other game for a Friday

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    culturedpearls Guest

    Default Re: Today just did not end well for me

    So dude, how did your weekend go? Did you make progress at all?

    And I didn't quite understand that whole "We talked about gay men and I let her know I have gay friends and I consider some of them better men than all straight AFC's. I spoke about having a struggle and those who have depth and strength of character. I even said sometimes I wish I were gay but life is a bit more complicated. She got pretty hot with it and self conscious" part... sounds to me you're coming across as someone going through an identity crisis. Not really attractive this early in the game, my friend.

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    Coyote Guest

    Default Re: Today just did not end well for me

    i have a sense of irony in what i say and how i say it. the girls always giggle when i talk about my life being gay. it plays on the idea that they are safe with gay men and in my city in my main area there are alot of gay cock blocks so i take them out real early. if they arrive they get the idea real early that if they want to wreck me getting the women in they have to go past me.

    gays will take the women and own them making bastards of any straight blokes unless the straight blokes are savvy enough to navigate about such an obstacle. it is just a very bitchy scene and the thing the hot babes don't realise is the nasty hoofs are making fools of them too. it is a very nasty and resentful thing they can do to straight people of both sexes.

    we have a lot of them in melbourne. they say here that melbourne is closest to san fransisco. i dont know and i get on ok with a few hoofs. if the chicks are into it i will get up close and touchy with a gay bloke but if he follows me and her when we leave i let him know what i think of sleeping with him

    being that easy going with your sexuality freaks out other blokes and the chicks stay around the queens and this king.... i am the only one who can satisfy

    dunno about confused.... evolved beyond the traditional roles and cultural stereotypes. as Jim Morrison said, "lets reinvent the gods"

    Peter Fonda said in Easy Ryder that a free man is a very frightening thing to most people or people who are not free

    Weekend?? not closing still. bridging gaps, rapport. wingman situation pretty useless. met one dude on here on the other side of town who seems pretty cool and will be worth our while developing some game together

    chick was going well with had bad news about a friend having a brain tumour and they had to take him to emergency on the saturday night. i was able to listen to her. she was working and i chatted for 45 mins. i listened to her and having been in the health system for a while i was able to listen and give some useful info... the hospital her mate is in is one i have worked in so i was able to reassure her on some issues. she said she wasnt sure about the week and was taking it day by day and i had to be somewhere so i said its a shame cos i would have loved to have hung around and had a coffee after she knocks off. she appreciated it and we arranged that i would drop in a couple of days later.... which i didn't.

    i get busy and i dont want her thinking I am basing my life around her. I will see her Wednesday and rather than chatting then and there just say lets do coffee after... its about time. i feel its right at that time that if i dont escalate or bounce her to another scene i will lose my chance

    wednesday is the aim.... unless she throws another twist of fate in like she did last week with her mates illness. and the randoms she is throwing in have helped the relationship. i could even give her a week or more off (working on other game) and come back with a lot to fill in..... she will want to know where i went and will have a lot to tell

    i can find another one to build to a nice level of rapport too... i like having a few irons in the fire. it helps them all along

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    Coyote Guest

    Default Re: Today just did not end well for me

    this hot little thing wrote me on fb saying i should see a film.... i wanted to and did. gave her a good account of what i thought knowing that i was sweating for her a bit and i wanted her to know i would do a little work for her.....

    and today ended badly for me. with her and her mate from seperate points in the hemisphere they are playing me. babes and i like playing hard and hurting hard for them but i am getting crunched by these chicks. i aint loving it today either.

    they have their plays and politics really well covered and no doubt they are seeing me. i dont mind being exposed cos i am proud of what i got and who i am. these young things are mauling me though and i have n adequate wings.

    as much as i love some of my colleagues we are destined to exist amongst some very good well meaning chumps. they dont get the first thing about going in hard for the girl. too many blokes either don't get it that she want us to take charge or they are too rough shod and clumsy.

    i am at a bit of a stale mate guys. i am building some track form with this group of vixens. lucky i have other flocks to tend. we are starting to get a little cell in this town of PUA through this forum

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