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    Catacomb Kid Guest

    Default Today just did not end well for me

    Last thursday my boss took me to a local diner after working our ass's off that morning (i work a 4am-12 shift decorating streets, pays for college). So i am tired as hell but i have been working on entering any new venue with possible hbs with a smile. Sure enough HB7.5 is the hostess (7 for looks but acting more like an 8, you will see why).

    So as i enter, i keep eye contact with her when ever she would pass and get her to smile back at me (note, of course i am keeping the smile too). So as we leave, i open up conversation with her as my boss is paying the bill. I havnt done much waitress game, but i did leave with a name and number but no day 2 established and i knew this could be a problem.

    i ended up calling her the next day, saturday, leaving a message inviting her out on the town (ps, she is new to my town). No response

    Next day, I sent her a text which i love using on flakes "I just met your twin" works every time to get a text back. She asked who i was, and once i said, she started slamming me with ?s
    Where do you work, how old are you, blah blah (all of which had context with what we were texting about). It started to get a bit much so i negged her saying she would make a good reporter and after that landed a day 2 for coffee.

    So that should have been today, i tried calling again because i hate txt message conversations, but no answer. A while later i pulled a trick i owe to AFC Adam, i told her i was going to be a little late and asked if she was still down( this works great to see if she is going to flake) and no response their either.

    So, help me out guys, i feel that i gamed the best i could with what i had. I couldnt Kino because she was at work behind a desk the only time i had face to face. I opened a bit sloppy, but she is an hb7 and seemed really interested, and it seemed i had her in good convo on text game, but thats it. (oh, and dont worry about telling me to forget her, im already on to others haha)

    Thanks for the feedback guys!

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    Smash Guest

    Default Re: Today just did not end well for me

    So I think you did well up until the point when you called her before your meeting. When she didn't answer your phone call it is okay to text, but you left her an option here. You said "I'm going to be a little late, are you still down?" or something to that effect. That leaves her the option to not respond, because if she doesn't, you will obviously know that she's not. Personally I would have sent her something like "I'm going to be a little late, but I'll see you there sweetheart." She would have to respond to try to cancel, and then you can use your game to get her to change her mind. I've found that by using a little pet name you get better responses. She wants to think that you are after something other than getting her in bed, and she is more likely to meet you if she remembers something that makes you stand out from all the AFC's she runs into on the daily...She is a waitress or hostess, so I gaurantee there are lots of them.

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    Coyote Guest

    Default Re: Today just did not end well for me

    Sounds like a worthwhile adventure. Goes better than most of mine have to tell the truth. If you are already onto the next and the next and the next well thats it.

    Even dudds like that I ask myself what i did right that worked and won't I do again....

    Progress not perfection

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    bloodDiamond Guest

    Default Re: Today just did not end well for me

    I think you did it alright.. I was wondering why she isn't responding to you since she gave you her number. Is she just busy or she's trying to flake you? Anyways, you sent her a couple of messages already and still no reply. I guess, it's time to move on to the next target(girl).

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    Coyote Guest

    Default Re: Today just did not end well for me

    yeah listen to blood diamond as she may be around for later if you work on some other chicks. concentrating on one is unattractive and they want a bloke who gives her some room to move. any chick that does want an invasive bloke who wont leave her alone is probably off her tree herself. you can see those chumps over here everytime you see the bouncer at a club. sorta dudes that throw sand and jellyfish at chicks at the beach and carry on like apes. and these blokes often deal drugs and the chicks go for their mercedes.... i asked a chick a while ago if her gorilla had pedigree papers to be driving a fine piece of german engineering. she knew what i was saying. i was smiling though

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    culturedpearls Guest

    Default Re: Today just did not end well for me

    Hmm... if you're still interested, i'd pass by the diner again, chat her up and ask her out for something more definitive. If she's hemming and hawing, just smile and be quick with your, "Oh it's ok if you aren't interested" and just enjoy your meal and go... and lose her number. She might have too much on her plate to text flirt, or just isn't really interested.

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    Catacomb Kid Guest

    Default Re: Today just did not end well for me

    Well, i got my reason!!! Turns out, she has a bf. Now, normally my morals would not stop me from further persueing this HB, but she lives with the dude. So, i know if i try and slip in, she would lose her living arangements and support. This is no bueno, not worth fkin that situation up.

    So, gonna get into her lgbf zone cus i found her on myspace and she has some cute ass friends. LML!

    Thanks for your guys help.

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    Nubbi Guest

    Default Re: Today just did not end well for me

    Lolz, yeah man, just get her to create some value for you with her friends. But it's still weird that she gives away her number when she's living with a man. I know, it's not like this is the first time it's happened but I sure wish girls like that who plan to stay faithful will just be more forthcoming... less torment for us.

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    Catacomb Kid Guest

    Default Re: Today just did not end well for me

    Quote Originally Posted by Nubbi View Post
    I sure wish girls like that who plan to stay faithful will just be more forthcoming... less torment for us.
    Ya, if girls did anything easy for us, we wouldnt need this damn game. haha. I sent her a text back being c&f about her flaking. no word back yet. no worries tho, next time im doing a group event, im going to invite her and her bf out. mine as well befriend that guy too. Besides girls are less likely to flake when you invite them and their friends somewhere.

    Thanks for the help guys, i gotta take a little break for a while (works killing me this week) but school starts soon, and time to game those new classmates and hit up some parties.

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    Coyote Guest

    Default Re: Today just did not end well for me

    I am changing some key aspects of my game atm.

    Some locations I am cutting and running from. no point sticking round some places
    I had some keen chicks today all about 8's and i did nothing about it. It is my fault but I have a wingman that is like an Anchor. He doesn't play and am trying to help him but is all i have to sarje with in this city. I do well solo. I can use this anchor for eyes and ears and he does basic tasks but if he dates a chick he is likely to count his beans and offer no talk

    so more solo gaming.

    i did get a date off fb and she is the mate of a mate on the other side of town. her ideas were too suburban for me and we had to take a rain cheque.... i might take her to a gig that i have some involvement in. amongst that group i like to have a new date and that groups chicks are impressed at me turning up to see the bands with new chicks who pay cover

    i dont think i do that to be an asshole.... i am just tired of all the Sh1t of groups etc... and as a social engineer you need to fark the bounds of reality sometimes

    one i coulda closed today, my wingman disengages. i had another who got me on to all this who would disengage when i was in set. what do ya do when many of your good friends and allies (financial assistants often inclusive) are AFC's??

    i go out a lone tomcat most often and go good. did that last night and got real sweet with a chick busker. not only was she majorly cute but she was talented... like someone was home behind those eyes

    i get disillusioned some days. and one of the big reasons is that I don't have a section or even platoon of wingmen. i have noticed since i have been on this site my game is getting tighter. the charisma arts people have helped me heaps and those guys are pretty sweet dudes.

    every hour of the day I am on watch. ready for the next opening and 3s is a beautiful rule for living. it used to scare me, now 3s is a wonderful guide

    i would love to sarje with some other dudes instead of having a mate along for the ride hoping i will throw him a bone and doing nothing with it. I would like to see how other guys work and run a few teamplays. that is why another day ends like this..... i haven't worked on increasing the quality of people who go out with me

    its a slow process, one day at a time

    one today got messed up bad and i can go in tomorrow and open her.... that's cool. i just should have bloody well nailed that one today. we have to have some professional integrity or self expectations.......?

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