full close 2 different girls today, including a lesbian.
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Long version:
A continuation of this post (in a nutshell: I talked my lesbian buddy into becoming my FWB. Didn't seal the deal until today). Let's call her LFWB.

I screwed up my schedule and invited a different girl (let's call her BB) to come to my house on the same day for a day 2...
Practice what I preach: Excessive honesty.

"Hey so this just happened ...blah... So after you and I finish, can you just wander around the mall for a few hours? Then I'll pick you up afterward and we can continue where we left off". Unfathomably, she seemed fine with the idea. Cool.

To BB:
"So I just want to emphasize what I said before... I don't want a relationship or monogamy or anything. Let's just have fun, ok? Good. Because I'm seeing someone else today too. It isn't a knock against you, I'm totally stoked about seeing you, but I wanted to be honest". She seemed quite weirded out by it but went along anyway. Perhaps out of morbid curiosity.

Early morning
LFWB comes over. I give her the tour, introduce her to my chick magnet dog and then into the bedroom where we get straight to business. I kick her out an hour before BB is supposed to arrive (1pm).

My room smells like sex and looks like I just hosted an orgy. Frantically run around cleaning condoms and stuff up, rip off the squirt stained bed sheet and replace it with a spare sheet . Spray some air freshener, open a window, it's finally starting to look decent when I get the text "BB: I'm here".

BB comes in, I give her the tour and introduce her to my dog before heading into the bedroom. Unlike with LFWB (we were friends 8 years ago) I barely know this chick. We've only spent a total of about 45 minutes talking before today so we eat lunch on my bed and chat for a while. There is obvious flirting and chemistry. I kinda dig this chick on an intellectual level. It went smooth as butter and next thing you know I'm doing my second full close of the day. My phone buzzing incessantly for much of it. Gee I wonder who that might be. Apparently I lost track of time because 3 hours flew by and LFWB was getting bored.

Late afternoon
Kick out BB, change my sheets back, drive around the block to pick up LFWB at the mall. She seems to have had fun making friends and checking out girls. I buy her an ice cream for being a good sport before taking her back home and continuing where we left off, just as planned.

I am mentally and physically worn out. In a good way. Time to walk my dog, she's been a good host throughout all this.