I had a day 2 today.

We made out and traded numbers about a month ago and nothing really happened again until today. We started texting again and agreed to meet up after I get off work (9pm).

This girl is absolutely adorable. Blonde hair, freckles, big tits and this whole innocent 'good girl' look that I just have to riff on.

I work in the scary part of town. The good old downtown east side where every other person on the street is homeless and/or a prostitute. We loitered in an A&W for a while just talking and some minor Kino/kissing but mostly talking. We both live about 45-60 minutes away so sex wasn't really an immediate option but whatever, I could use something laid back for once without jumping straight into the sack. Instead I wanted to practice more of the communication style I used to seduce my lesbian friend.

It went like this. We were talking about some things she finds really hot.
"What about that turns you on?"
-banter banter safety banter banter comfort blah blah blah-

"Oh really? Well in that case (leaning close to her, teasing and flirting with body language) I'm going to have to make sure that whatever we end up doing... I need to make sure you are safe and comfortable. If we just end up cuddling I'll keep you safe. Cozy. If we are having nasty dirty sex against a dumpster... well it'll have to be safe and comfortable. And if w-mppf"

At this point she attacked me. She pounced on me, kissing me like the world was ending and then she just stopped suddenly to say "Let's go somewhere else".

She led me by the hand around the building down a dark alley past a couple homeless guys and eventually found a quiet spot behind a dumpster. It has to be among the filthiest places I've had sex. Was NOT expecting it until I saw the dumpster and started thinking "oh shit, she isn't serious...is she?"

Good girl my arse...

Final thoughts: Both this and the lesbian one followed a similar pattern but I feel like my skill is lackluster despite the success. I need to refine it, learn more, and turn it into a more standardized process like other areas of my game. I'll share more eloquently when I feel like I've internalized it, but I'm not there yet. I mean it worked... but it doesn't make sense to me how extreme her reaction was. Something feels off even just from typing it out so I think I must have done other stuff subconsciously without realizing it. Now it's going to bug me.