Went to the Club the other night but it was not my fault. I lost it but anyways there was not even enough HB's to warm up with (maybe my standards are getting higher?). Anyways I did like 1 approach but it was a 10. This was like only the 2nd or 3rd 10 I seen at the Club so it was super rare.

The PUA Proverb
There was a proverb I read online recently about a real PUA who got beat up by a group of girls and he just brushed himself and keep gaming. Well I did get beat up metaphorically. You know verbally beat up. But anyways I use a lot of high end openers once I get going and get a lot of PINGs. But for some reason on some of the 10's I just go stale and say "what's up?" to which they always get pissed. And when I say pissed I mean big time!

ME: What's ip?
HB10: Hey (looking pissed now)
HB10 reaches out hand
ME: I know I am so rude.
cockblock: Muttering to herself "What's that guy doing? He's just, just weird.
HB10 turns her back to me which I know is the kiss of death for opening her up wrong. I walk away knowing it was a lost cause and say...
ME: I heard you, I heard you, I'm cool
Cockblock: SHUT UP AND WALK AWAY!!!!!!!

Man that was so brutal to have someone yelling at me and it kinda stung. But I just brushed myself and will be going out this weekend. The moral of the story folks is that you have to, have to open with skill. This is why I am so huge on openers and this is the perfect example of why. So I am so used to approaching I will approach a 10 on the spot the problem is sometimes I have nothing to say because I am just in action mode. Will have to try and change it up next time and stop getting stuck in a rut when I talk to 10's since they take my breath away. The Good and the Bad. Had some great nights and I guarantee you some good nights are on the way.