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Thread: The last week in review

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    Default The last week in review

    It has been a week of reaping what I had sewn in the past. A.k.a. seeing girls who were already interested from previous meets.

    Stats for the last week
    # of women I banged: 3 (2 new ones and 1 repeat from last week. BB and good girl)
    From online: 2
    From a party: 1
    All of them closed on the day 2
    All of them are ok with each other, I'm 100% transparent.
    Other closes: none
    Time spent in the field: none
    Girls asking to see me but I had to reject because there wasn't enough time: 4

    The only one I have not written about just left this morning. I found her online and we flirted shamelessly until eventually meeting for tea a week ago. Supposedly she's been doing ballet for 14 years and has the body type you would expect from a ballerina. I.e. flat body but toned and flexible.

    We talked in a starbucks with mild flirting and no Kino whatsoever. I wasn't worried, she had all the signs of someone who was too nervous to loosen up. I have that effect sometimes.

    We made plans to meet again at my place and it finally happened yesterday at noon. The plan was to hang out for 2-3 hours but it ended up being about 18 hours.

    She arrived looking pretty nervous about being in a strange man's house (makes sense) so we sat and talked for a bit while laying on my bed with about a foot of space between us. I just bought new bedding and am in the middle of redesigning my whole bedroom into more of a sexy-masculine style. Red satin bed cover and pillows with dark black/grey sheets.

    I love satin, it has magical panty-dropping properties.

    Anyway we chatted about interior design because it's on my mind and a little flamboyance has a way of calming down girls who are in strange men's beds.

    Although we had a good chat I did not sense any kind of sexual chemistry so I decided to either get what I want or find someone else - there is a lineup of other girls.

    "Is it ok if I kiss you?" I asked bluntly. No escalation, no signs from her opening up to it.
    "That would be nice!" She said.
    Ok then, I need to calibrate more but so far so good. So we made out and had a pillow fight.

    That's right. A pillow fight.

    Then sex happened and we had an epic nap in my new bedding afterward. Eventually got up, went grocery shopping, came back and cooked together. I offered her a ride home but we got distracted with more sex. Then we ended up just going to bed instead and had an impromptu sleepover.

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    Default Re: The last week in review

    Quote Originally Posted by psychoactive View Post
    I love satin, it has magical panty-dropping properties.
    Will take that into account when I move out next year

    Congrats on all the closes! It's inspiring for newbies like me to read this kind of posts.

    Keep improving!

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