I'm 42, met 44 yr old online 4 months ago, exchange a few msgs and lost interest. See her on site last month we txt a few times and lost interest again as was pursuing others. See her again 2 wks ago, immediately got number and setup date for Fri.

She cancels saying sitter backed out. I indicate disappointment and ask for a recent pic, talk turns sexual and get some risque photos back. On Sat i txt that i'm staying in town and she immediately replies that she found a sitter and wants to go out. 2 hrs before date, she txt back saying sitter backed out but to come over to her house.

Get there, she is HB7, which is good for 44....movie, bottle of wine, small talk. An hour later, back in her room for a marathon sex session. Spent the night, she asked me to stay around, but i had a brunch date and thought it would be awkward with her daughter seeing me there. She indicated that night and next morning best sex ever had, doesn't do this type stuff but that i was hot and couldn't help herself. Her actions in bed indicated that she was likely being truthful from my experience.

She txts me a lot and i give short replies over next 2 days, then i initiate and ask for another date, she agrees and says looking forward.

Next day she goes radio silent...removes online profile...does not respond for 3 days until i send a funny txt asking if she is ok. Replies giving lame excuse about left her purse somewhere. She responds to a few more funny txts that day and then i ask out again....no response. I wait 4 days send another funny txt...no response. I notice on FB page she posting some religious stuff over past few days.

I am dating others, but this one is perplexing me as i have never had one go silent after sex on first date. Did she get a conscious and change of perception of what she did? I'd like to have a nice option close by and want to figure out best way to re-initiate. Do i just wait for her to initiate...or wait a week or so and then use general funny type txts to build rapport...not anything about going out or pursuing?