This happened like a week ago and I just thought to put up a FR about it.

So a friend calls me up. He has 2 HBs over his house and needs some back-up. I go over there and chat up this little HB7 with braces. *small talk, drink, small talk. Another HB shows up, which is their DD. We tell them we'll meet them out at the club later and they leave.

Later on, after a few more drinks, we leave and go back and forth to these 2 bars and finally run into 2 different HB's. They're a little lower on the scale. I'd say HB5s at best. We chat them up for a little bit and a few more friends join in. We decide to leave and go to a 3rd club. The final place for the night.

We get to the other club and run into the HBs from earlier. I go dance with HB7(braces) for a little while and chat her up a bit. Things seemed to be going in a lame direction, so I redirect my attention back to the HB5s we came with. I dance with one of them for most of the night before the lights come on and they kick everyone out.

We go out to get a cab, but there are too many people. She claims that she wants to walk home (mind you, it's like an hour and a half walk). So I decided to offer to walk with her. I'm not dumb, I know which direction the cabs come from, so by walking in that direction, we'll just be able to catch one that's coming down the street instead of sitting outside of the club. Plan works.

Once we get into the cab, she says something similar to, "I don't think my place is a good place to bring back company, because of all the other girls." She works at the hospital and lives in some dorm type area that's connected to it. So I tell the cab driver to take us to my house. We get to my house and I purposely left the upstairs hallway light on. Not sure if that hint was what made her head upstairs, but either way, that's where she went.

We get to my room and lay in the bed. She says, "What if I said I just want to go to sleep right now." My reply, "I'd do this." And then I move in and kiss her. We kiss for a while and I undress her. No need for all the details, this isn't a porn. I fark her 3 times that night and take my ass to sleep.

Waking up we fark 1 more time and we catch a cab so I can drop her off and pick up my car from my friends house. Can't remember her name, never got her number and I'm happy about that. Oddly, last night I saw her again at the club. She didn't seem to be too excited that I was talking to another HB. Sadly, no story for last night

Oh and I also haven't seen the HB7(braces) again yet. It's a pretty small place so I'm sure I'll get another chance with her. Also this is my first field report so I'm not sure how good it is but...