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    ragr Guest

    Default she was behaving as if..

    she was my girlfriend lol..and i was behaving as her bf too..holding hands a lot kissing hands random kisses on my arms,etc. and she is only here untill monday (she is in town for vacations with her family).

    We kissed lots of times.

    A little bit of background about her: I had something going on with her about 3 yers ago, then she "broke my heart". It was not as bad as it sounds since i was dating another girl at that time, so it didn't affect me as much. but my ego and pride were hurt.

    So, last night was a success. we agreed that i will pick her up today again and come to my house to see a couple of movies. What you guys think? Is this the moment for you know what? lol

    Any comments apreciated.

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    SpringBreak Guest

    Default Re: she was behaving as if..

    Err... just make sure that you 'pretend' you won't be forcing her into anything she isn't ready for... make it like sex was her idea. If you can, make her beg for it. And also make sure you don't dangle promises of a relationship if that isn't in your agenda.

    And use protection!

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    ragr Guest

    Default Re: she was behaving as if..

    Yeah well..We agreed to watch some movies at my house on friday, but she went out with her family untill late at night so we didn't meet up. I think she flaked. Today is our last chance to see each other and last night she sent me a txt saying "hey don't dissapear tomorrow so I can see you , tomorrow is my last day"..she was the one who dissapeared yesterday =/..

    Yeah of course a relationship is not in my agenda

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    Ridikulus Guest

    Default Re: she was behaving as if..

    Agree with SpringBReak. You don't want LMR at your last chance to have something-something with her, hehe. So be cool but make sure everything you do reeks of seduction. Hope you guys are still watching movies 'coz at least you can cuddle or 'pretend' massage her during.

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    Coyote Guest

    Default Re: she was behaving as if..

    she is still making you play for it. she ain't giving it away easy. she wants to feel special, that you waited for her and really made an effort for HER.

    its actually bloody manipulative of her. then again it tells you how to do it. if her ego is this big then talk to her about her and her ego will want to talk about her all day and night.

    sounds like too much game playing for me. protection...... and lube. give her a good service and send her home from her holiday with something to think about


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