II = ioi (Why the O??)

Names are random, some with the correct first letter.
~8pm Tuesday.

I'm finishing my workout with two friens Let's call them Joe and Abraham.

Abraham: "You know, it's the last day for most students today. Wanna go to the Australian bar? (A-bar)"

Me: "Yea why not? Joe what about you? You comming?"

Joe: "Today?? It's tuesday, I have to get up tomorrow morning!!"

"Abraham: I have ro go early, I too have to wake up early, I'll be out till 11pm. Just come with us."

Joe: "I really can't."

Me: "I'll go home and take a shower and get ready."


I took a shower redressed. Time is about 9pm. I check my facebook and there is a message from Abraham;

Already on my way, meet you there.

I took the bus to the bar and was there about 10pm.
Waited a bit in line to get into the bar.

At the bar:

While walking down the stairs I received a phone call.

Abraham: "Hey dude it's me, all our friends had already gone home, and there is nobody there. Like 10 people or so."

Me: "Well I just got here, and I can count a good 30ish people."

Abraham: "Well I got out of there, looking for something better."

We talked about 10 minutes while I walked back and forth between the stairs and some tables. When I ended the phone call I knew I was left alone in a bar with no one I knew. I had no choice.
I turned around where a group of 8 people were sitting a few feet from me, and I said;

Me: "Hey guys, my friends just left me, and I was wondering if I could join you?"

In the middle of my sentence I all of the suddenly realised I hadn't just opened a group of strangers. I had opened a group of 7 girls and a guy.
2 of the girls being 8's
One of the girls stood up and said;

Unknown girl: "Of course you can!"
^She is lovely, so open and energetic. Caught my eye right away.

Well ok great! I sat down besides the guy, took a sip of my beer and the girl started introducing herself.

*Giving my her hand*
Lisa: "I'm Lisa."

They all introduced each other to me, and I presented myself to them. As I got to the last girl and was about to sit down an 8th girl walked up and sat with us.

Lisa:"Hey, (name) meet True."

She looked up at me and instantly rolled ger eyes.
Whatever, a bit hostile....

We talked for 2 mins and the group decided to play some table football.
I played with Lisa and another girl vs the guy, and 2 other girls.

We won, Lisa was excited highfiving me after each goal and stuff, and we returned to the table.

Lisa is awsome, and I really wan't to get to know her, atleast get a good friend out of it. She is positive, energetic, fun and understands and likes refrences I know. She's the target.

I instantly suggested we shoul go play pool. (Pool is awsome that's why.)
And so we did.

I played against two of the girls, Lisa and another, toghether with the guy the first game, and another girl against lisa too the second game. Won both and we meet some other people from their school.

All these guys and girls I had meet that night were 19-20 years 3rd yeard grad student. I was just a second year 18 random guy.

We talked for a bit and walked a bit around when the group of girls split up, 3 playing beer pong and the rest talking by a table.

Music was too loud for me to hear anything so I just stood up and walked away to explore a bit and see if maybe...just MAYBE I coul meet someone I knew.

The bar was divided into two parts, one with games, tables and a bar. While the other had tables, a bar, dancefloor w/ live dj's and a smoking room in the other end.

Walking along the tables what do i see?? A guy and a girl I know from school a class above me. I know the guy, I know the name of the girl and they are sitting with a third girl that i don't know.

The girl I know the name of recognizes me and say Hi, while i hug her.

(She is in the middle.)

I say hi to the girl i don't know and talk abit with the one I do know about random stuff for 3 mins.

Then I sat on the other side of the table, said hi to the guy I knew and explained my situation.

Then I walked back to the group I had meet with him to show I've found a friend.. "YEA!" Right??

I introduced him to Lisa, we talked for a minute and me and my friend went ahead and played some Table football.
I won again...wtf?
Talked a bit, and he had to go home.

I retured to the group.

Lisa:"Where is your friend?"

Me: "He had to go."

Lisa: "So you're alone again? Good I don't have to remember that many names now, now it's easy, just True. : D"

We sat down with the others and talked for a bit, all of the sudden Lisa and another girl got up from their seats and started walking away towards the dancefloor.

Lisa:"True are you comming?"

Me: Uhm..sure, where are we going?

I knew we were going out to dance. I haden't mentioned that I pretty much kill the dancefloor.
I've been shuffling for two years : D

We danced a lot, and wen't outside of the bar when it got a bit to hot, and talked.

A part of our conversation included:
Lisa: "So what made you stay after your friends left you?"

Me: "Well, it's a bit to far away to just go home, I live at xxxxxxxxx. Besides, I didn't actually end up alone : D"

Lisa:"Ahh, with your girlfriend."
Me:"Yea, you know....exept I just don't have one atm : )"

She was interested, I had a chance!

When we left the bar:

We left at 4am heading towards the train station, waited till 5 for our train. Me and Lisa were heading the same way, and the others another way.
Both trains were next to eachother, so we made some silly faces to the others until their train left. Then me and Lisa talked for a bit about the night.

We were close to my stop, and I still haden't got her number, train stopped.
Me:"My stop : )"

Lisa:"Thanks for the night."

I pulled out my phone.
Me: You know what? Write your number. You have about 20-30 seconds max. : D

She did. I usually never ask for a number, but not all girls give it out. Some girls consider it the guys job to ask for it.
I hugged her quickly and got of the train.

The next day:

I texted her about 6-7pm.

Me:"Sup Miss. 'Murica (She was wearing an American flag top.)
Crazzzzy (<- reference to a tv show.) night and a though morning? Or what was left of it?"

Lisa: hmm let me guess, is it Ture? :b and yea, damn it was a tough morning but it was all worth it for such a crazzzy awsome night. How was the trip home?

Me:"Wen't to bed at 6am."

Me:"Even though you're full of energy, you were probably exhausted when you got home.

Me: "Can you say hi to all the others from me, appart from the one that didn't like me..."
Translation: Sorry I'm useless when it comes to texting apperently..bye..

I didn't expect a response...

Lisa:"Yea, it took me sometime to get home, had to get something at a 7-11 as Macdonnalds is useless in the morning. I was exhausted from all that dancing! "

Lisa:"Ill say hi from you, but who the hell didn't like you? : D Oh and tell your friends they missed a great night."

Me:"I don't remember her name, but she came shortly after I said hi to all of you and choose for some reason to roll eyes at me, intead of saying hi : D"

Me:"Oh and my friends will be bullied(/picked on?) to death.

Lisa:"Ohh you mean her! Haha, yea she had a bit of a bad day I think"

Me:"Ah, I thought she was always like that I hope her day got a bit better latter on. Your last day of highschool should be enjoyed."

Lisa:"Indeed! I atleast did "

Me:"Do you often go to that bar?"

Me:"I mean, you have these nice garden things in xxxxx where you live."

(^Doesn't make sense in english)

Lisa: It has been a long time since last time, but it happens

Me: We should do it again sometime. I'm gonna go to bed now. English exam is tommorow morning. Goodnight

My text game sucks, and i end the conversation for tonight as it's a bit akward. I won't text her again unless she says someting....which she won't because I'm borring her...I give up...


After my english exam, we are all waiting to get in and get some stuff. All of the sudden I walk just past the two girls from my school that were at the bar too tuesday!
These girls didn't even know my name before, I don't think I exicted to them, I've been at several school parties where they didn't ever really talk to me.

We all notice eachother and the conversation goes something like this:

Girl 1:"Hey True! What's up. It was nice seeing you at the bar. You hanged out with a random group of girls didn't you?"
She gave me a hug.

I must have dhv'd that night.

Me:"Yea, it was a great fun night. Even though Abraham left me."

(They know Abraham.)

Girl 2:"Damn you gave it everything on the dancefloor!"
(Did she just passivly wingman me? If this keeps going Ill have the value of a god!)

I talked a bit with them, don't remember everything, last part of the conversation:

Me: "Ey, girl 1 when I said hi to the thrid girl you were with, I accidentaly said you were a 3rd year student. Damn I was drunk."

(She gave me a weird face)

Me:"You are a second year aren't you?.."

(She gave me an even more silly smilling face.)

Noo I'm a third year! thy woud you think I'm a second year?

Me:"Haha, don't be embarressed. It's just because you look young, one day when you reach forty you can walk around laughing at all the wrinkles aon your friends faces '

(Can't remember the rest.)


I'm working out with my friends, and walk over to my phone to change the song.

What's that? A sms?

Lisa:Yeaa! We definitely should, hit me up if you're goig out again soon, else we will be out 100% in "students week"


*Sinks to ground.....literaly*
(I got a weird look from the guys.)

I though I was done, no more texts, nothing to follow up with, she basicly invited me out. I'm back in the game!

(Students week is the week where 3rd year grad students are done with their exams and drink their brains out for a week. So we like students week, students week is great!)

Me:"Well maybe, maybe. When is students week?"

Lisa:"from the 27. of june."

But Roskilede (A concert thing where you camp for a week, drink, smoke and fark while listening to music) is from the 26.

Lisa:"Are you going?: ) Were aren't this year, after all you only graduate once! :b'"

Me:"True. I've bought tickets ower 2 months ago though."

Me:"You know what? Ill go out tommorow, A-bar again. Meet me there at 11:03pm"

Lisa:"Fair enough : )
Cool, but tommorow I'm serving at a 50y/o birthday, gotta make 'dat money \
Are you alone again tommorrow then? :b'"

Me:"But uhm..you're not serving at any 50y/o birthdays next friday!"

Lisa: "Nope, but I'm maybe meeting with a (girl) friend, but it's not 100%."

Me:"Forget it, those "maybe" plans don't work out."

Me:"Remember what happend to me? I was all alone for 10 mins!"

Lisa:"Haha, true dat..."

This is going great!