So to start this off I'll say mostly what I said in the introductory. A year ago started reading the game, lost interest (ie got a girlfriend) then went to school in a rather intensive program. Now I'm backpacking through Europe and have realized I'm much more effective using what little I learned when reading the game, so I've picked it up again.

Anyway, the goal here, I hope to post my experiences and get feedback and advice to improve my game and self over all. I am back packing so I'm meeting new people all the time so I'm anticipating a lot of entries, my thanks in advance to those who may help me on my journey.

Here is the account on my first encounter. We had gone out and I number closed with a German girl (I left the city and so never called but great for confidence). Anyway, on return to the hostel I met a wonderful girl from my home town. We made eye contact while I was talking with a friend, excused myself and began speaking with her. Used the common travellers lines, seemed to work well, she had a rather gummy smile used it as a neg, she stopped smiling, is said it's alright I think it's quite cute, rewarded with an even gummier smile. We went outside so her friend could smoke, as her friend went back in I held her back and kiss closed. We went back up to the elevators, got to my floor I offer to take her to the showers (only private place in the hostel) she declined playfully, kissed a while longer then she went to her room.

Now that all was great no complaints, however, the morning came. Initially she was quite cold, I wrote it off as a hang over so I gave her space for the day. That night, I came to talked to her, and before I even started a conversation, she said "we made out last night, let's not make a big deal out of it" to which I responded, that's fine, I'm sure we've both made out with a lot of people (it worked here but do you think that kind of line would normally work?) that night we spoke a bit but I focused my attention on other people, found a British girl (she found me really) took her outside, but made eye contact with the first girl who I was more interested in so I chickened and wished her a good night, she went to bed.

The next day I ran a few good negs and compliments, but she was still quite cold. However in the evening I came down to use the wifi and sat in a corner. She came up with a staff member obviously hitting on her, but neither if them noticed me. I kept working when somehow their conversation led to her talking about how interested in me she was. Which was a huge shock given how cold she had been in the days (her friend even once referred to her number as my rejections line). Anyway when I finished up I went to her to her and offered my hand and pulled her in with the original intent for a kiss, this is where I realized how drunk she was and went for a hug instead (I have strong morals on that front, if I had been drunk as well it would have been one thing but I was sober). Wished her good night and left in the morning.

So... The questions and advice. Would brining the British girl back to my room damaged my chances with the other girl or would it have been fine? What are your thoughts on her cold demeanour during the day? Did I do the right thing by ignoring it or is there a good technique around such barriers? Any other advice you could think of?

I have other stories but before I tell them I would like to know if that was too much info and if I should condense it?