True signing in, after another successful night consisting of a date, dancing, beer, cold approaches and a wingman!

Were following on from my previous field report: The night is what you make it.
(If you wan't to know where I know Lisa from.)

Saturday night:

I had given up upon going out today, my friend had to stay home and wait for his father, it would take a bit and I wasn't really in the mood for it.

But that changed, as i got a text;

"Town, tonight?"


Have I told you about lisa?

Lisa is "The one." she is this lovelly cute girl I met at a bar last time.
(Yes, I have a severe case of oneitis, and let's let it stay that way for now.)

We were going out to this place called "Night fever."
A club where a bit of an older audience attends.
(I'm 18, it's more of a 21ish place, disco, etc.)

Well I wen't there and met her and like 11 other friends she was out with. None of which I had been out with last time (Which is perfectly fine. New people and a night out with Lisa? Count, me, in.)

Well I met them there and found out it was a birthday party for Ann turning 22, a friend of Lisa.
We partied, drank and talked for a bit, moslty waiting for one of my friends who was going to join (He never made it, couldn't get in.)

Lisa initiated plenty of kino that night, everything tells me she likes me, which is awsome, especialy becuase she had told her friends about me, like i had told mine about her.

Plan was to K-close that night, but all of the sudden they wanted to leave. It was only 3am and the club was open till 5. But they had been drinking and celebrating since 6pm so they were done for the night.

This was perfect, I could stay with Lisa, do a bit of a mood change and K-close successfuly alone. Perfect.

Lisa wanted to stay, until she found out they were all leaving, all 10 of them. Living same place as them about 1 hours drive away from Night fever. It would be much better for her to take a taxi with the others.

She had a great internal conflict, she wanted to stay, everyone could tell that, but yet she was tired and going home would take a lot of time alone.

So stood at the stairs for 10 minutes while she tried deciding.
I told her it was her choice, she left it to the odds after 10 minutes.

"If the others are gone now, I'll stay...if not......ill go :/"

They weren't gone yet, so I hugged everyone, ended with a quick hug with Lisa, and wen't back in.

Round two: Left alone again.

So what now? I'm not interested in any other girl than Lisa, and where I am isn't exactly perfect, probably the youngest person in there. But hey, friends are nice to have, so lets try.

Now I didn't wan't to do a cold approach as I usualy do, as I apperently have that nailed. I wanted to do something I was BAD at. Something chalenging, a HARD, difficult, opener, no worlds spoken.

Body language only is hardcore. People will be able to read you better when you don't speak.

Were talking Dance game!

So I grabbed a beer and wen't out onto the dancefloor. I danced with various groups and ended up joining a larger newly formed dance competition cirkle thingie, a lot of fun, and five of us were KILLING it. Me with my shufflish disco addaption, and the others with various improvised disco versions and other dance moves.

Had a lot of fun with one of the guys. Let's call him Sam.
Sam had potential, not afraid to kill the dancefloor like me, and knew how to dance with girls.

Sam and I ended up dancing into other groups of people.
We didn't know each other, we haden't spoken a word. But damn, this guy impressed me.
He poked me and signaled to open a set of two girls. Whispering
"Take the one on the left."
This guy was wingman material, right there. I was amazed.
I kept the other girl bussy, she wasn't very interesting, but I was sam's wingman now.

He was doing fine.

Now comes the interesting part.
The whole night there was this 4 set dancing casualy near the dj.
Were talking 3x 8's and a guy. All of the girls had their ASD set to red alert. Not a single person ever had the balls to aproach them.

What could go wrong? Well a lot. But did I give a shit? No, I'm dating Lisa, so I won't try anything else than approaches, number closes etc.

Well I danced with Sam and the two girls, right next to them and decided to try get into their little group.

I turned around facing all 4 of them, making sure they were aware of my presence, and they were!!

Eyes glowing red, instantly scanned from top to toe, analysed.
ASD going off. I knew what to do.
I looked away from them, faced the guy, smilled and danced a bit.

Making sure he had fun, showing respect for his dance moves. (Even though he couldn't dance at all.)
I showed him some stuff, danced the same way he did.

ASD wen't down and off. No longer was I an intimidating tread.
I danced with two of the girls still ignoring the one I was going to isolate. Then I turned to her, danced a bit, took her hand and swung her around. She smilled a lot, had fun.

We danced facing each other a bit closer, and after a bit I took her hand and signaled the couch next to us.
We sat down.

She leaned in and we talked:

Her: "What are we doing here (Smilling.)"

Me: A break, it's damn hot here!

Her: What's your name?

We exhanged names, and since there was about 15 mins till the club closed we wen't back onto the dance floor dancing a bit more.

I then excused myself and wen't over to Sam who was sitting on a couch with the girl he danced with.

Me: "Hey dude, I need to speak with you outside when they close."

Him: "Why do you need to do that?"

Me: "Beacuase you're awsome, that's why. You're like me, same style. You atleast have an idea of what you're doing. Unlike most of my friends..

He got up from the couch

Him: "We can just speak now can't we?"

Me: "They are closing in 15 mins, have some fun with the girl!"

He signaled me towards the floor. I thought he didn't hear me, but then he started dancing with me.

"Just play along."

Play along?? Are you serious?

This guy was doing a false takeaway, DHV'ing. This guy knew what he was doing. Was he a PUA?

I danced a bit until the girl joined, then wen't back to my 4 set.

After some more dancing the girl wen't to the toilet, and i took the guy a bit up the stairs that led outide next to the toilet, so it didn't look like we were waiting for them. Then when they came out I waved to them (A "hi" wave not a "come".)and they come over to us. We talked a bit, everyone surounding me, then they closed and we headed towards a train station.

So did Sam, he was behind me but I lost track of him walking across a road. So I thanked the group for the night. No number closing or anything, and wen't to look for Sam.

I found him just before he entered a pup, and talked a bit with him.
He was wingman material, asked for his name and number, explained why I was so interested in it.

Today I called him and asked if he had read the game, or if he was a PUA. He wasn't (even better, guy had potential!)
Told him to hit me up if he's going to town, he knew what I was talking about. So I have a wingman now!

With him by my side I can definitely improve both his and my game.
If I fail with Lisa ofc.