This thread is dedicated to all those who post their advice etc. on this site, and also to encourage new members.

I haven't been on this site per se in around 10 months, however, I have an enormous amount of gratitude to all those who have helped me.

Just over a year ago I'd had sex just 3 times. Although all with different women, I was completely inebriated each time and none of them were particularly attractive (I just adopted the take-what-i-can-get mentality).

After reading The Game I tried a few of Style's techniques out but they weren't for me. I'm quite a funny person (if I do say so myself) and also possess the ability to chat utter boll0cks which can make a girl laugh - something that you guys on here brought out in me; as previously I was just unable to talk to girls.

Anyway, not to bore you, this last year has been incredible. My interactions and relationships with girls has improved no end: I am by no means brilliant at pick-up, but I have a new found confidence and have had familiar relations with some really attractive girls. I now have a belief that I can get any girl I want if I put my mind to it - and if the girl is not interested in me, then I have no desire to pursue them.

This is all because of posts on here that made me change small things about myself, so thank you very much.

My friends have noticed the difference and are now coming to me for advice on how to talk to girls - something that I never thought would happen a year ago.

I have girls messaging me, snapchatting me and have the ability to game girls in clubs. I am still a bit too nervous/AFC to approach girls in the street but I'm sure if I saw the girl of my dreams pass me by I would be confident enough to do something about it - unlike before!!

A message to anyone who is wishing to change their fortunes around women is to read threads on here. Everyone on here is a normal guy, and they share things that can help you no end.

This thread is really just a massive thank you. You have changed my life and I'm a lot happier now, all because you shared something you tried.

A massive thank you to Cassius too, the only PUA I met and who forced me into my first ever approach. I only approached one girl that day, but it started the long journey to where I am now.

Thank you, Smokey.