LOL So that was freaking easy. Hit on the hottest chicks at the Bar and got my new record of a chick's number in like 2 minutes. Then I saw a hot Latino with a big rack smiling at me but I didn't do anything so I approached her later and got her number too. I did hang out with a 6 for like 20 min cuz I was bored and wanted to warm up. Well that worked well so I went with it. But really it was mainly my looks and a tiny bit of game. But I saw this tall blonde 8 checking me out at the Bar. I don't open till 11 so I let her stare cuz I know she would have blown me out. When I went up to her later I just told her I saw her checking me earlier so let's dance. I said that cuz she was on the Dancefloor. So I went up to the 6 and got her number with no intentions of calling her. She said she wanted to move here for me.

Back in action
So I have been inactive for pretty long. But I am back at it just like old times. Pulled 3 numbers but there wasn't any more talent so I just chilled after that. I approached to start the night and commented on a chick's favorite color to which she responded and turned back to her friend so since she didn't PING I let off her. I only did it to do my first approach anyway. Then I saw a 8 upstairs checking me hard while I was waiting but I know timing is everything so I waited.

Moving Up
So then later I approached this 6 that I didn't like and she really liked me so we hung out for like ever. Then I was ready. So I approached the 8 I saw originally. She was on the dancefloor and we all know I have some rules. Never open before 11 and never try to chit chat on the Dancefloor. So I strolled up and said

"So I saw you checking me earlier, let's dance."
HB8 "Oh I was, was I?"
Surprised she pinged and surprised she didn't try to dance right away.
PUA "Maybe a little"
HB8 dances with me and says
"You got some good moves"
PUA "I have had practice."
After that I was ready and said
PUA "I don't like having long conversations on the dancefloor".
"You should give me your number"
HB8 "Why?"
"Because I am confident."
Cheesy but I didn't care. Got her number and strolled out.

But what I am really happy about is my 4th Set where I finally implemented my NEW closing.

Saw a big rack latino smiling at me but she was short so I knew she wanted it but just ignored her. Then I decided screw it she was making me hot and bothered.

Another HB8
"What's up shorty you're lucky I only like tall chicks, you need to grow about 3 inches".
So she pinged and talked about her heels, then teased her on
"But your necklace makes up for it."
She liked it so I tried to dance but we weren't on the dancefloor so obviously bad move. But I got her number and said my new favorite closing. "We should hookup sometime" as I walked away! She said "Okay!" She was pinging so lol that I tricked her into saying she would hookup with me which I can so bust her on later. Good night at my favorite bar and no tens but plenty of action. This kicks off my Summer gauntlet and normally this kind of success burnt me out last Summer but now I can't get enough. That was very fun grinding with a 8.