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Thread: At the Very Edge of the Friendzone realm.

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    Default At the Very Edge of the Friendzone realm.

    Let's start...
    Basically I'm naturally asshole-ish, specially to this girl, well in a playful way. For example, When we were leaving I held the door open for her then as she was about to come out, I slammed it closed. hahah

    I know my funny asshole personality works because she laughs.
    I held my game pretty good lots of teasing and bantering and bashing.

    Okay, now ever since I started learning the game. I see things differently now. I actually had an awesome time with this girl but on my way home I started analyzing and breaking down our interaction PUA style. It wasn't what I thought it was.

    Before tonight, I treated her like any other girl I gamed. But tonight, "I got to know her" and found out she was LISA to my STYLE.

    Needless to say, I got sucked in her reality. She talked a lot about herself, Qualified herself too and some ioi's. Asked me a lot of questions as well, teased/bantered everytime I get the chance.. I was so in the moment that I lost LEAD.

    As we were walking from work. She asked me which way I go. Turns out we were going different ways but she went my way anyways and asked if there was a McDonald's. I said: "Yeah. Let's go I'm hungry too."


    Me: How old are you?
    Her: How old do I look?
    Me: Well, what's the right answer?
    Her: Take a guess.
    Me: Just tell me, What's the right answer?
    Her: Take a guess. C'mon.
    Me: Alright. hmmm. 12.
    her: hahaha blabalbal

    Her: Do you drink?
    Me: No. I used to but not anymore.
    Her: Why?
    Me: It's not fun anymore. (We are both 18 so this kinda made her laugh a bit)
    Her: Oh I was gonna invite you to my party.
    Me: when?
    Her: (gives the date)
    Me (Divert, change topic)

    This is still at McDonald's.

    Her: So what are you?
    Me: What the fark? What do you mean what am I?
    Her: hahah no I mean. Like your nationality.
    Me: Guess.
    Her: (She guesses)
    Me: yeah I'm part bal bla bla bla How bout you?
    Her: Guess.
    Me: (I just stared at her for about 2 minutes without saying a word, just smiling. She couldn't look at me haha. That was pretty funny, because it was so damn awkward, well for her atleast haha)

    Me: Just tell me!
    Her: I'm russian.
    Some russian dude spoke to her in russian. The guy was behind me.

    Me: Who the fark is that?! (Like in a really aggresive manner haha)
    Her: That guy. Pointing at the guy.
    I glanced at him then went back to the girl. She engaged to the russian dude by speaking russian. I was at the middle, as they were speaking some weird shit I don't understand. I know I need to do something because I'm not gonna get AMOGed at farking McDonald's. So I said.

    Me: kjsldflksjdfklk (Not exactly but mimicking the sound of russian)
    Her: hahahah
    Me: (I started shouting) Da! Da! Da! Da! Da!
    Her: haha that means yes
    Me: Ha! I'm a linguist you see.
    Never heard the guy speak again.

    As I get to know this girl. I found out she was farking awesome I forgot to eat my food. I forgot everything, I was so in the moment that I started speaking to her in PUA lingo. hahha

    Her: Remember the first time we met? (That was a week ago lol)
    Me: Yeah. you totally approached me!
    Her: No I didn't you did! You asked me this bla bla bla
    Me: No I didn't. You smiled at me you totally approached me.
    Her: We werk at retail it's normal to smile bla bla bla. You held the door open for me.. kinda... then I said thankyou.
    Me: Ha! You totally opened me.
    Her: No I didn't you have the worst memory hahaha
    Me: Okay Let's break this down. You did your approach, you opened me, casual talk,you asked my name, then you escalated and Number closed me.
    Her: No I didn't I don't even have your number.
    Me: sure you don't
    Her: Check my phone book I don;t
    Me: surrreeee.
    Her: Whatever. I'm not gonna text you anyway. haha
    Me: Do you like sitcoms?
    Her: What is that?
    Me: Oh my god, You don;t know what a sitcom is hahahah!
    Her: what's that?
    Me: You're adorable...
    Her: I'm glad you find me adorable
    Me: You don;t know what a farking sitcom is. you're so adorable. haha


    Her: What time is it?
    Me: 12 am
    Her: What? no way? you're kidding!
    Me: It's 12 am
    Her: I don't believe you.
    Me: Ask someone else. (She did)
    Her: OMG it's 12. I have schoold tomorrow and I have home work and i have to read bla bla bla bla
    Me: C'mon let's go.

    As we walk down the street she figured we had to take different trains. So she was like "aww why ddoes it have to be different"

    When we cam to the end. She went to hug me. So I did. I didn't even say my favorite line "Whoa hands off the merchandise". I was so sucked in to the moment. And it wasn;t even a HUG HUG, it was an awkward hug that a big brother does to her little sister when saying goodbye. DAMMIT.


    I know I could have number closed her but I didn't. There's 50% chance I coulda K-closed. But didn't. I chickened out like a little bitch. All those banters, came down the drain when I farking HUGGED her goodbye.

    shitballs. The funny thing is I was having a good time tonight but as soon as I rode the train. My PUA brain kicked in and the first thing it said was "You dumb bitch, you built to much comfort"

    I knew! I knew! If I had just gotten her number... I actually thought of something to text her but I figured I don't have her number. Damn you 3 hours ago me!!

    I need to reframe this any ideas?. I want to go paintball or something with her. Give me ideas What should I do next time I see her.

    Also I tend to over analyze things sometimes. So if that's the case please do inform, otherwise, please be brutal as possible. Don't sugar coat it.

    One more thing I figured out was that I'm really good at flirting/bantering/teasing at short periods of time but when I get stuck with a girl for a long time, those seem to go away.

    I am so going out and day gaming tomorrow. DAMMIT.
    WHY DIDN'T I Number Close HER?! Shit balls!

    As Always... Thanks
    -HAWK (CapPickup)

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    Default Re: At the Very Edge of the Friendzone realm.

    Escalate my friend. Did you Kino at all???? Hold hands? Poke? Hug? A kis should have been made sometime afer your russian jibberish. When she laughs big thats your cue to kiss if you've built up your kino. Your awkward silence was perfect for sexual tension but you kept it there.

    I wouldnt worry about the number. You already work with her; no real need. Just Isolate her again after work or something. If she agrees to a later date then get her number. Don't just get a number to get it. It needs purpose. Its like icing on the cake--the number is not cake; the number is icing--she is the cake. Ive noticed with gaming at work that if a girl is starting to find you interesting she'll start to chase you going out of her way to make the attention interest longer. Remember she will always have a few walls for plausable deniablity which is something she needs to protect herself socially. So by pass it by not approaching like how other guys would. Turn your situation into a "it just happened" kind of thing.

    Be stealthy and let your actions and body language show interest and guide her while your words distract her and keep her on her toes. The fact that she's making you answer her puzzled questions means she's building rapport while breaking it. She's escalating too--you just need to act physically when isolated now. Do not make it a big deal.
    Every moment counts, get out of your head and enjoy it.

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    Default Re: At the Very Edge of the Friendzone realm.

    ahhh dammit. I know I know. It's not game if you don't take risks.

    Actually I figured out that we're pretty much gonna have different schedules so i think I'm gonna need that icing.

    Alright bro, give me ideas in here. How do I actually ask her to hang-out in stealth mode? Oh and today we had different schedules, she had to leave 3 hrs earlier than me and tomorrow I have to leave 3 hours earlier so how do I carefully plan it out?

    Now I think, I could wait for her(wait? whoa I don't like the sound of that.) because I want to go play pool at a bar after work which is about 5 blocks away (assuming I don't have too much fun at the bar)

    Oh and I don't want to bring her to that particular bar even though it accepts 18+ (because of the pool and darts) because I'm gonna make that bar my PUA sanctum sanctorum.

    Any suggestions and ideas are welcomed.

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