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Thread: An example of how neediness can destroy you

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    Default An example of how neediness can destroy you

    Just had an interesting experience last night and I couldn't wait to share it with you guys.

    Some background:
    I met this HB8 a couple of months back. We hit it off right away.
    But I eventually broke things off because she was having a lot of issues at home and was often depressed and unstable.
    We still kept in touch though, often a daily "good morning" and "good night".

    Fast forward to about two weeks ago.
    She mentioned dating this other guy, and he is already talking about marriage
    (first red flag since they've only met about twice in the three weeks they've known each other due to long distance).
    Keep in mind that she now has all her issues sorted out and is more stable.
    I was trying to attract her back.

    She told the both of us (the chump and I) that there is another guy in her life.
    This is when things became very interesting.
    The chump started acting very needy. (I am sure he was needy before, but the dude sure knows how to pick it up a notch)
    He would text her every 5 minutes, asking her who she's talking to, where she is, and fly to see HB even after she specifically told him not to.

    It was really interesting to see how the dynamic shifted from the chump to me this past week.
    She started texting me more, calling me more, and even started video chatting before sleeping.
    When we video chatted, I could often hear the buzzes from her phone indicating that the chump had texted her again.

    Then, last night happened.
    HB was staying at a hotel due to a business trip.
    Since she's clearly more into me now, we video called before sleeping.
    Again, the chump texted her about once every five minutes.
    When HB was going to sleep, she asked me to stay connected and pretend to be sleeping next to her (she was a little scared to be alone in a big hotel room).
    I turned the mic off and started doing my own thing as she tried to sleep.
    This is when the guy started going crazy, texted more and more frequently.
    Each buzz that came from the other side of the call made me feel a step closer to winning the girl .
    Sorry to the other guy, but I can't even explain the euphoria I had when I saw the girl ignore his texts while pretending to sleep next to me.

    This morning, HB called and told me he call and texted her over 60 times last night, all night.
    I really started to see why girls hate needy guys.
    His neediness immediately became fear for her, and I am sure he is as good as gone.

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    Default Re: An example of how neediness can destroy you

    Wow. That's not just neediness but that guy sounds dangerous and can snap at any given time. His jealousy level is at psycho!

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    Default Re: An example of how neediness can destroy you

    That guy is more than neediness, it's more like a stalker.

    He might even follow you HB home.... haha.

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