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Thread: FR: Wing Reconciliation

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    Default FR: Wing Reconciliation

    I never seem to come on here anymore but just so you know I'm still alive and horny, have a field report!

    An old friend invited me over for predrinking followed by a club.

    He is the kind of guy who is naturally good with women and part of my success was my straight up competition with him... but we have had our share of falling outs usually because he would steal girls right out from under me and I got pissy about it which lead into bickering. So I usually avoid sarging with him but it's been a few years so why the hell not.

    I show up at his house and there are two lovely young ladies (an asian and a blonde) hanging out there. I don't know who they are or why they are there but I roll with it and introduce myself like normal.

    We played cards against humanity and drank a bit which was a pretty sweet way to get to know them.

    I quickly decided I can't stand the asian. She is incredibly dumb and loudly proclaimed that she doesn't like rough sex. She was all over me and I was having none of that but my buddy seemed to be into her.

    I also quickly decided that I totally dig the blonde. She's fun and we kept cracking each other up. She also had the quintessential 'Mother Hen' personality and seemed to keep cockblocking whenever my buddy flirted with the asian or vice versa.

    Basically, the girls were flirting with everyone, the guys had picked their targets.

    We looked at each other with knowing smiles and I realized why he brought all of us here together. Clever bastard, how long have you been trying to lose this blonde?

    The ditzy asian was madly in love with his cat and chased it out of the room toward my friends bedroom at some point while we were playing cards. My buddy followed her and the blonde stood up automatically. I jumped to grab her by the arm and lead her in the opposite direction to a couch where we sat down. She was kind of staring off in the direction of the bedroom so I took her hand and squeezed slightly. She glanced down, then looked me in the eyes and squeezed back with a sheepish smile. Distraction successful!

    I asked "Can I kiss you?"
    "Yes" she replied and leaned toward me.

    We made out for a while and at one point my friend came back into view, gave a thumbs up when he saw us, and vanished again presumably to pursue his own sarge.

    We still ended up going to the club and had a good ol time drinking and dancing. My buddy and I finally got to talk about the game plan and ended up executing it perfectly.

    The girls were planning on taking the skytrain home and sleeping in their car at the station which just happens to be 2 minutes from where I live (about an hour from my friends house where we started). I was parked at my friends house and was going to sleep on his spare mattress in the living room.

    The girls approached us while we were talking and said they were heading home so we both got up to leave as well.

    "hang on a sec, kiddies. I'm driving right past your car in the morning so you might as well come back with me" I started
    "I'll buy us a taxi back to my place" my friend said and ran to flag down a cab.

    They agreed so next thing you know we were back where we started and ready for bed. I'm not sure how he and the asian disappeared but I got my blonde to join me on the spare mattress where we had sex and went to sleep.

    In the morning we bro fisted and I drove the girls back. It was nice, a sort of reconciliation after a rough history. He really just handed that one to me on a platter.

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    Default Re: FR: Wing Reconciliation

    Lmao great story. Friends, can't live with'em, can't live with out em. He sounds like the type you want to be cool with, but not like a best friend type of thing. The reason being you guys play off each other well, and it leads to successes like this. Good stuff!

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