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    Default Night Club Experience with 3 Girls in Hong Kong


    This is my first field report, so I am sorry if I get out of the expected scope. Today, I was in a night club in Wan Chai, Hong Kong, with two friends. Even though I am not so experienced in picking-up girls and kind of new in the city(I wasn't even sure what to wear!), I inevitably became the leader because the others were simply too shy to make a move. This was a completely unfamiliar situation for me.

    A while after going in, I noticed 3 girls on the dance floor, 1 European and 2 Chinese, dancing closely with each other, with the ugly girl among them a guy at her back and the others in front of her. At first I had no idea about what to do. Then, I realized I had nothing to lose. I decided on the one in the middle, a hot Chinese girl, as my target. So I decided to ignore her first, partially in order to get her attention and partially because I also wanted to spend some time with the European girl before moving to my target.

    I got close to the group, seized the opportunity and blinked at the European one as soon as we had eye contact. A second later I was at her back, dancing and kissing. After a while I moved to my target, the beautiful Chinese girl among them, and got one of my friends moving for the European one.

    We got very close with the girl and made out for like 20 minutes while dancing. In the meantime, I tried to get the European one close again as well (she had gotten away from my friend), but then I guess my target was kinda bored and I found the ugly girl dancing with me as well. At that time, my friends wwre dancing cluelessly near me. I tried to move back to my target by getting my other friend close to the ugly girl, but he really didnt know what he was doing and I guess I pushed him a bit too close to the girl. The ugly girl freaked out and pushed us both away. The other two girls went away as well.

    I blame myself for that because I think I should have done better. I really wanted to f-close my target, but I guess I missed the right time to make the closing move, perhaps because I was still interested in the European girl as well.

    To sum up, even though I think I made my moves correctly at the beginning, I failed at the end, perhaps because I was greedy, perhaps because I was inexperienced or perhaps the girls were just looking for temporary fun without sex. I was kind of lucky to find such girls because I really did not have to do much while moving to seduction. But still I failed. What are your suggestions, how and when should I have closed my target at such a situation?

    Also, I can not help but blame my friends as well. If I had a more experienced wingman, I think I could have closed her, even though I lacked the experience. If there is anyone interesting in being my wingman, helping and teaching me, I would be glad.

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    Default Re: Night Club Experience with 3 Girls in Hong Kong

    Good job leading the group and getting the makeout bro! Next time, don't spend too much making out, it can create buyer's remorse. You only need to kiss her once to solidify the attraction. Don't push your wings too hard, but guide them and don't rely on them. Try going for the pull sooner and if she hesitates or her friends stop you, then build more comfort with her or her friends so they trust you to leave with her friend.
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