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Thread: Rules Can Be Broken

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    Default Rules Can Be Broken

    I wanted to share this story with you guys because it illustrates that "rules" can be broken. In fact, when it comes right down to it, the only rules for PUA (in my opinion) are: Be Confident/Dominant, and know how to read situations and how to respond to those situations.

    For those of you that have read The Mystery Method (which is a great read) and think that you must follow Mystery's rules verbatim ... then just relax. They are a good road map but The Mystery Method is not the only "game" that works. Here is an example (kind of a long story, just bare with me):

    I went to one of my favorite locations again last night. It's a Karaoke Bar. I see a few empty seats at the bar next to 3 girls. I ask them if anyone is sitting in the seat next to them. They say no and I sit down. That's the only thing I said to them for about an hour. I just sat there and drank my beer. I had just gotten off work, and I wanted to unwind. At that point, I wasn't really interested in talking to them.

    Another group of girls (and their fiances sat in the empty seats on the other side of me). I did make conversation with them for a bit. A female friend of mine showed up about 30 mins later, she sat down .. we talked. The original 3 girls are still in the seats next to me. I'm not really paying them any attention though, mind you.

    Well ... about an hour or so in ... this one nerdy dude gets up on stage and belts out some Adele. I mean he nails it! Sounds just like Adele. It's amazing. It's like one of those things where you just can't help but look around the room in awe.

    I look over at the girl next to me (one of the original 3 girls who was sitting there when I got there) and said "Is that voice coming out of that guy!?" We both laughed and talked about it for a few minutes. And we kind of danced in our seats together and enjoyed the performance. The guy finishes the song, the place erupts and then that dude just walks off the stage and out of the building with a HB. Like a f'n boss!

    The target (at this point I'd pegged her as a target) and I joke about how boss that guy is. I even say something like: "I want to be like that guy when I grow up." Now, it's odd that I said that. And I'm not really sure why I said it. It just felt like the right thing to say. You would think that would be a dlv for me ... but the line worked. I'm still not sure why it worked. I just went with my gut.

    The target and I continued to talk. From here out I played it "by the book" so-to-speak. I made jokes, got laughs, did a little negging, some kino, dhv, compliance tests, blah blah blah. For those of you that are really interested, here are a few excerpts/lines I used:

    After the nerdy guy left (and I noticed here IOIs) I told her:

    "We are going to have to invite him to our wedding."

    she laughed and said, "Will he be the wedding singer?"

    After we had talked for a bit, I turned to my female friend that joined me and introduce her.

    At one point, while I was talking to the target (and her 2 friends), the target got up to get another drink (or something) I then took her seat. 3 reasons. A) so I could better talk to her friends and B) so I could be in control. C) compliance test. When She came back she didn't even say anything about me being in her chair. She just stood next to me. She passed the test, so I put my arm around her and we all continued to talk. I then offered her seat back but she said "No, you're fine." ... she enjoyed being next to me with my arm around her.

    I don't remember what I said, but there was a time when I said something that I think may have come across as kind of rude or offensive to the target ... she started getting defensive. I didn't apologize but I told her "Just relax. And let me finish my story, you're okay." Or something along those lines. I broke rapport with her and focused on her friends. I gave her a few minutes to realize that I wasn't trying to offend her, but I also didn't really care if I did. I was talking to one of the targets friends. We realized we had several things in common, I threw out a line like "Be careful! -target name- here might get jealous of us." I eventually put my arm around the target again and continued talking to her too.

    The subject came up that I was a magician, I showed them a trick, blew them away. They ALWAYS want to see another trick. Rarely, do I do another trick right away and throughout the night I only do about 2 - max 3 tricks. But, they wanted to see another trick and I did the trick that I wrote about in the Magic Tricks to Attract Women section of these forums (it's called Easy Magic/Mentalist Trick To Get Her Phone Number). As I was taking her number, she said "Is this how magicians pick up girls?" I replied, "No. This is how I pick up women." ... not sure if that's the best thing to say, but again, it felt natural to me so I said it ... and I said it without missing a beat - I think that's what's most important; it demonstrates confidence. Later on in the night I did a little slight of hand with a coin (made it disappear, reappear behind their ears .. silly stuff like that - girls love it and kino kino kino)

    By the way: NEVER REVEAL THE SECRET TO THEM. If they guess how you did it, still don't tell them they're right.

    I've been texting her today and we're in the process of setting up a date.

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    Default Re: Rules Can Be Broken

    Good job, it seems fate has been good to you.

    You projected confidence, leadership and kept her interested; that is what allowed you to spark attraction and get her to go out with you. Those things are key, the pillars that the rules can seldom work without.

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    Default Re: Rules Can Be Broken

    Great story. Yes the market has been saturated with new age pickup techniques. It's like "Why fix something that ain't broken" type of situation. They just want money for some new clever stuff. Like new workout machines and trendy diets. The answers have been here all along, but people want quick fixes and the next new thing on the block.

    But they are over thinking the whole thing when a huge part of it is to relax and think in simple terms. To imagine guys out they're trying to prepare an entire conversation script. Then get surprised and frozen when the convo doesn't go as predicted. I chuckle. Again great read and seems like you learned a few things in the process. Simply awesome.
    "All things are subject to interpretation. Whichever interpretation prevails at a given time is a function of power and not truth."

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